storing a sql query a more efficient way?

i'm using visual basic with

i'm using asp to perform a long query.  it spans about 30 lines and i want the code to be clean.  i am trying to store this as a string.

what is the best way to do this?
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As a stored procedure in the database. =0)

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...or if that is not an option and you just want something that looks cleaner, you can use a stringbuilder

' Import system.text
            Dim sb As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder
            sb.Append("some text ")
            sb.Append("some more text ")

which looks much cleaner than concat string
dim str as string
str = "some text "
str &= "some more text "
or try toad and write your query in the editor and use the export to vb key. ;-)
I usually build a template first and then replace template variables with real ones:
for example:
string template = "select #fld1, #fld2 from #Table where #fld3='#val1'"

and then
template = template.Replace("#fld1", "RealField1");
template = template.Replace("#fld2", "RealField1");
template = template.Replace("#fld3", "RealField3");
and so one.

You might wannna break your query like this

strSQL = "SELECT columnA, " & _
              "            columnB, " & _
              "            columnC, " & _
              "FROM    tableA   , " & _
              "             tableB     " & _
              "WHERE  columnA = columnB " & _
              "ORDER BY columnA"


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