russian characters turn into question marks

I have somewhat of a puzzle here. I have made a basic app (form with a memo field in it) and whenever I copy and paste some russian characters into this field, I end up with question marks. This is evenually going to go into a much more complex app that will write this data to either an Oracle or SQL Server database.

I've even tried changing my OS regional settings to Russian but to no avail. The test phrase I'm testing is Алишер Фатыхов  (I'm not russian so my apologies if its offensive :) )

Thx in advance!
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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAsked:
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Hi, I guess these conditions are fullfiled:

1) Russian font support installed ? (at Control Panel/Regional Settings/Details - 20880 IBM EDIDIC + 20866 Russian KOI8)
2) Memo's font property CHARSET set to  ANSI_CHARSET or RUSSIAN_CHARSET ?

Is it so ?

Delphi components don't support unicode. You need to write or find a component set.

And, although I've answered this Q many times before, I can never remember the canonical unicode components.. Someone else'll give you a link if you can't google for them..
Mike LittlewoodEngineerCommented:
Have a look at the Project Jedi website -
Their libraries contain components that handle Unicode
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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAuthor Commented:
hmmm, unfortunately the more complicated app contains a 3rd party component being used as the memo field, and cant really be changed. Is there any way around this?

Katkka - yes on both accounts
I guess if you own the sources to that component (I presume yes)
then aditionally code it to support Unicode.. or maybe you can ask
the creator of component to change it in the next version or/and
pay for it some money.

for win2000, xp you can try this:

Memo1.Font.Charset := RUSSIAN_CHARSET;

and in initialization section:

Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAuthor Commented:
tried that, didn't work :(
queck this and forget complexity. every well-known control has its unicode-brother, you can even have unicode forms! all strings are accessable as widestrings - so your russian problem should be solved, as for my katakanas were also ;-)

(the author says hes much concerned about to use AS LITTLE change as possible to the controls. every component hereins masses of the standard ones)

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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAuthor Commented:
thanx A.J. - I just ended up using this control. Although there are some issues copying and pasting, I think I can get around them.

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