Change from Domain login to local login: what's my password?


I've just done soemthing really dumb. A friend's laptop had been used on a domain for many years, and it was a company computer. He left the company and he now uses it as a home PC. He asked me to help him network it with his other home PC's yesterday, and I made a mistake.

I did not check that he had a local username and password set up. When I changed his network settings to move from a domain to a workgroup the reboot that followed left me with a login screen with no valid login, and I can't see how I can change settings to allow me to try and log on to the domain again.

I tried a repair installation of W2K, which went through everything, but it didn't prompt me for a new user name as I had hoped it would. ( I think XP does this, but W2k doesn't seem to).

I fear that the answer will be "bad luck, format and reload" but I am always an optimist.

Buckets of points for anyone who can help.


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Hi ThinkandBuild,

i am assuming you have tried all the standard administrator passwords (blank/company name/password/etc) so we can skip that

there are literally hundreds of ways to reset the administrator password for a windows 2000 PC

here are but a few, most of which require boot disks/cd's

hope that helps


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Leandro IaconoSenior Premier Field EngineerCommented:
the admin password is that of the local administrator asked for when first installing the OS on the computer. Eventhough you were previously in a domain, you could logon locally to the computer with the local administrator account and that password.

This password is the password you need.

If you can't remember the password, you're going to have to reset it with one of the boot discs given to you by out friend up there.

redseatechnologies is right. Follow his links. Just posting up in a little more detail just in case you still didn't quite understand what password its asking for.

ThinkandBuildAuthor Commented:

You are a champion. Your response was quick and exactly what I needed. It worked a treat. For others who may read this thread, of the four solutions, the 2nd one was the only free version. You simply download an ISO, burn a CD, and boot from it. Perfect.

Thanks again.


spectacular, i am glad that you got it sorted

thanks for the A grade

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