queries and memory consumption

i am executing a large query to return several thousands of rows of data.  in sql query analyzer, the query runs for 3 minutes without using much memory.

i am writing an page that executes the same query in a stored procedure on the server.  when i do this. aspnet_wp.exe gets huge in a hurry, and eventually crashes from too much memory usage.  what can i do with asp/ to not use very much RAM?
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its depends on how you do it....if you keep the data into dataset... yes, it will consume the memory space.

if you are planning to get the data for reporting (example only), you should just use datareader instead. dump the data directly out to the client without delay will save you memory.

response.buffer = false <-- this will not store anything in the memory when constructing the page.

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Try one of following (or all), it should help:
1. Make sure you close Sql connection (connObject.Close())
2.  <a href="">Download IIS 5.0 Process Recycling Tool</href>
3. Set limit to wp memory consumption:<processModel>memoryLimit = 60
4. Upgrading to windows 2003 will solve your problem because by default it doesn't uses aspnet_wp.
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