Encrypted Backup Solution

Does anyone know of a good, solid Windows SBS 2003 backup solution which is encrypted or which has an encryption module available? Something along the lines of Veritas Backup Exec but with (min.) 128-bit encryption that backs up elegantly to an external hard drive. I have looked into Veritas Netbackup but it is severe overkill for SBS. I have also looked at using one piece of software for the encryption and one for the backup but this does not allow for easy automation and so would like to know if there is one piece of software that will achieve this.

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How about Kiesoft EaseBackup Professional?

cheeky-monkeyAuthor Commented:
It sounds ok for what it is but possibly doesn't have the features that I think necessary in a professional environment. Things like brick level backup of Exchange and backup of System State. It also concerns me a little that it states that it is for Win 95, 98, 2000 and NT which makes me question how well it would work on 2003. Have you any experience using it in a professional environment and most, most impotantly, using it to recover deleted/corrupted files or system failure?

Another option is to use a non-encrypted backups solution but hang the tape drive off of a hardware encryptor or using a tape drive with built in encryption. Google for something like 'hardware encryption tape'
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cheeky-monkeyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion but as stated it needs to backup to en external hard-drive rather than a tape unit. Also, for the price of an encrypting hardware device, the software and the media, we could go for something like Veritas NetBackup. We have already looked at combining two solutions, one for encryption and one for backup, but it is clumsy at best.
Well, you could roll your own sending the bits to a Linux or FreeBSD box (running on old and/or cheap hardware) and using something like PGP to do the encryption.
EMC has a product called Dantz Retrospect that does AES256 FIPS certified encryption to disk or tape for all Windows versions.


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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Connected TLM, by far one of the best solutions I've had to privledge to use.
Looks like they've be bought out...grr they were awesome, not sure about the new offerings
Hahah, just happened a few weeks ago?!?
Try genuie-sofy backup manager pro @ www.genie-soft.com
cheeky-monkeyAuthor Commented:
I've had a look at the Dantz product and am going to download their trial and see how that performs. There are some good suggestions here.....besides adding a Linux/FreeBSD box! I'm trying to simplify things not add another OS, piece of hardware as well as encryption and backup software to the equation. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

It'll just take me a few days to look through these but if anyone has naother suggestions, I would still appreciate hearing them.
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