MySQL Date Comparison

I have a table with subscription information. I am trying to get it to return results where the date is within a certain range, the range being the date of subscription, plus x years, where x is a field in each row.

I have the following fields, (plus more but i removed to keep easy) and I want to extract all expired memberships. I have used the following statement, however it doesnt take into account the days of the month, and returns fields that are going to expire that month.

Is this even possible? Or do I have to filter results with php?


sponsorshipID | sponsorID | start_date | years | ...


sponseeID | lname | fname |...

SQL Query:

SELECT  t1.fname,t1.lname,t1.sponseeID,t2.*
FROM 2b_sponsees as t1
INNER JOIN 2b_sponsorships as t2
ON t2.sponseeID = t1.sponseeID
WHERE t2.sponsorID = 4 AND (YEAR(CURDATE())-YEAR(t2.start_date))-((MID(CURDATE(),6,2)< MID(t2.start_date,6,2) && (MID(CURDATE(),6,2)< MID(t2.start_date,6,2)) >= t2.years AND t2.auth = 1
ORDER BY t2.start_date ASC
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Try like this

FROM ...
WHERE DATE_ADD(t2.start_date, INTERVAL t2.years YEAR) >= CURDATE();

so selected would be all dates that are valid (start_date + years) >= current date


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Since you are looking for expired membership you might just want to change >= to < so try,

SELECT  t1.fname,t1.lname,t1.sponseeID,t2.*
FROM 2b_sponsees as t1
INNER JOIN 2b_sponsorships as t2
ON t2.sponseeID = t1.sponseeID
WHERE t2.sponsorID = 4 AND DATE_ADD(t2.start_date, INTERVAL t2.years YEAR) < CURDATE() AND t2.auth = 1
ORDER BY t2.start_date ASC
m3_malAuthor Commented:
Awesome, work a treat. Thanks the both of you, I was using a similar query to figure out the non expired sponsorships as well so the >= & < mistake would have been figured out anyway. Thanks the both of you!
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