How to call an Oracle function directly using OLEDB provider (or otherwise)?

I would like to call an Oracle function directly using OLEDB (or Oracle) connection|command objects?
I have seen examples using OLEDB and "{ call ? ? }" syntax but need one specific to below.

The Oracle function has the following signature is as follows:

                          FUNCTION get_sscc
                            RETURN VARCHAR2

Any help appreciated.
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there is a forum at that discusses this in some detail;  ajagadeesh presents an oledb method for accessing oracle functions.

p.s. The policy of experts-exchange prohibits me infringing copyrights by copying/pasting code from another website to this website.

Hope this helps.
using a it would be as follows

dim cmd as new oraclecommand
dim strReturnedValue as string

cmd.connection = cn ' provided cn is defined earlier as an oracleconnection
cmd.commandtext = "get_sscc"
cmd.commandtype = commandtype.storedprocedure
cmd.parameters.add("returnvalue", oracledbtype.varchar2).direction = parameterdirection.returnvalue
cmd.parameters.add("inputparameter", oracledbtype.varchar2).value = {value input into the function} ' this is only necessary if the function has input parameters.  If so then they must be
                                                                                                                                                   ' entered in the order the function calls for them.
strReturnedValue = cmd.parameters.add("returnvalue").value

If there is no input parameters just omit the second cmd.parameters.add
Let me know if you have further questions.  

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smaccaAuthor Commented:
Which execute statement - I assume ExecuteNonQuery
ExecuteNonQuery is correct.  Sorry I omitted that.  It should come before the

strReturnedValue = cmd.parameters.add("returnvalue").value

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