Computer shut down

Athalon xp 3200+, 512 RAM, soyo dragon motherboard, 80 GB main drive, 152 GB secondary drive.

My Computer just shut down as I was playing Poker online. When It shut down a very high pitch sound was coming from somewhere. I didn''t know it was coming from the computer at the time. I went through the house shutting off everthing I even unpluged the computer I was still hearing the high pitch sound. I than put my ear near the computer and it was coming from there even with it unpluged. I pluged the computer back in and pushed the start button the noise went away and booted up to the chkdisk and found a bunch off errors fixed them and everthing is okay.
   Does anyone know what happened and what can be done to not have it happened again. Thanks Brent
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Could have been an overheating alarm. Even when you disconnect the PC from the powersupply there is still some rest power there which takes some time to drain fully.

Make sure all the fans in the case are running smoothly. If they aren't, replace them. blow out the dust using a can of compressed air and a vacuum cleaner. Also make sure the heatsink on the CPU is attached nicely, if necessary remove it, clean the CPU and heatsink surface, then add just an idea of heat transfer paste and reattach the heatsink.

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>>   and booted up to the chkdisk and found a bunch off errors     <<< this can indicate a disk problem, so check the power connector, and have an eye on it if the problem (errors on the drive) comes back.
i suggest running a scan for errors on it, to be sure it is not dying yet.
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