Getting utitlity disk for Netra

Hi All
I've just purchased a Netra T1 off ebay to give my self an entrance into the sun/solaris world. First problem is I need to get hold of the 'Utility' disk that is normally shipped with these - I cant seem to find it on - does anyone know where I can get one of these?
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What exactly do you mean by "Utility" disk? Or in other words, what do you need it for ?
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
According to page 4.6 in the netra manual I downloaded off the net, in order to 'configure' the machine wiht out a monitor (which I don't have - just normal pc monitors), I have to configure it from a PC, which involves using the 'utility' disk which comes with a new netra. I then use this to make a disk for the netra, and it supplies a program to  run a program on the pc to connnect to the netra and configure it (which I imagine primarily involves setting up the network).

I imagined that I'd be able to go to and download the entire set of 'stuff' that came with the netra, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Ok... I suppose your Netra has a CDRom but no gfx card, right ?

If so, stick to this question

to see how you can get the thing going
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valhallatechAuthor Commented:
I guess that correct about the gfx card - cetrainly is about the cdrom.

Ok - so serial cable is the way to go - will try to track one down as I'm guessing it will be an invaluable tool when playing with sun boxes.

does this imply finding an image of the original utility is unlikely?
well I never seen such a utility disk... however I've been working with sun hardware way longer than the Netra T1 is old, and was allways doing it like this.
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
cool - am searching ebay for sun to db9/25 serial cable - can USB be useful in this way?
no USB wont help you... you'll need to have a plain old serial port.

This page may help you finding the right cable...

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valhallatechAuthor Commented:
thanks net education - checked that out - building a cable... thats something I haven't done for 10 years. a sat morning project :-)
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