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I have two computers connected together. One have IP with firewall disabled and other using DHCP. They worked well together but just yesterday I don't know why when I start computer again it can't know each other even I restart computer or disable/enable network.

I notify that my network is well but suddenly when I tried to run Internet download Manager it restart my computer after that that problem happened.

Please help me. Thank you in advanced.
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veayouAuthor Commented:
Also when I assign IP to the second computer it still not know each other. Is it the virus? is there any tool to remove it?

Thank you.
What is your subnet mask? The subnet mask for both computers need to be the same. This is found in the same place that you enter the ip address. It will be a number like
You will need to give us more details like:

What operating systems are installed on your computers? (windows xp pro? windows xp home, windows 2000 linux? etc)
Which computer has DHCP enabled?
Why does only one have DHCP enabled?
Are you using Internet Connection Sharing?
Do you have a Router, a switch or are the two computers connected by a cross over cable between the two?
What sort of Firewall are you using? (windows firewall or a 3rd party one?)
Have you done anything since yesterday such as software upgrades, Hardware upgrades, added/removed any hardware?

If you click on Start, run, type 'cmd' then type ipconfig you will get the ip details of the computer, do this on each computer and record the information. Make sure that the ip address for the two computers is different.

Right Click on My computer and click on hardware, then click on the button device manager.
Look at the list of hardware on your computer and take note of any items that have an exclamation (!) mark or question mark (?) next to them, these mean that the device drivers for the item arent installed properly, pay particular attention to 'network adapters' do this on both computers.

Post back with the information i have requested, and any other information about your computers that you believe could be relevant in solving the problem. The more information we have the easier it is to diagnose your problem.


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veayouAuthor Commented:

The story is that, I have two computers.
- One is using XP Pro it has a modem connected to the internet and the NIC is using IP (Class C). The modem connection is turned off firewall (windows firewall) but ICS enabled. This computer is still working well with the internet.

-Second is Windows 2003 Standard. it has a NIC using DHCP. These two computers already knew each other and 2003 can use the internet as well. I notify that when this 2003 get the IP from XP the IP is always 192.168.0.x (Class C)

But now 2003 can't get IP from XP and when I click repair it get the IP of Class B and they can't know each other.

if I assign 2003 to use IP it still can not know but before it used to know each other with this setting except 2003 can not use internet until I set it to use DHCP.

Do I have to enable DCHP in XP but I can not find where to enable it in XP. If yes, please provide instruction. Thanks.

What is the problem? I can not find it... Please help.

Thanks you,
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