TWebBrowser OnDocumentComplete event

i have a problem in OnDocumentComplete event of TWebbrowser ...
a message will pop up after the whole document(including multiple frames) is finished loaded ..(see attached code) ......

however, i accidentally found that it is not 100% working for certain website

it is continue loading to another page even though the message "Complete document was loaded" did pop up..

is there anyway i can make sure that the whole HTML page is 100% finished loaded regardless of how many frames, or how the page is contructed ?


procedure YourForm.OnDocumentComplete(
  Sender: TObject;
  const pDisp: IDispatch;
  var URL: OleVariant);
  currentBrowser: IWebBrowser;
  topBrowser: IWebBrowser;
  document: OleVariant;
  windowName: string;
  currentBrowser := pDisp as IWebBrowser;
  topBrowser := (Sender as TWebBrowser).DefaultInterface;
  if currentBrowser = topBrowser then
    ShowMessage('Complete document was loaded')
    document := currentBrowser.Document;
    windowName := document.ParentWindow.Name;
    ShowMessage(Format('Frame "%s" was loaded', [windowName]));

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You should look in the help at the OnNavigateComplete2, OnDocumentComplete, example section.

It explains how to be sure that the page is fully loaded by using these 2 event handlers
chongkeng_woonAuthor Commented:
it did try ...but it doesn't work as well ...the given example in Help doesn't solve my problem ...
Strange, because I use this method very often, and it works really well for me...
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chongkeng_woonAuthor Commented:
it works to most of the webpage, almost 95% no problem ..(sorry if i misunderstanding you) ...
but, got exceptional case, can you try using TWebbrowser to navigate the following url:

this is the exceptional case i mentioned ..
Hello Sir,

 You could try some logic like this

  loadcomplete : boolean;

  loadcomplete := true
--your processingcode
  loadcomplete := false;
  while not loadcomplete do sleep(100); //for example
  --back to start, in case of a loop

with regards,
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
It is happening because it is loading 5 FRAMES.
Pierre CorneliusCommented:
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Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
ok, first page
loads and redirects via window.location call to

Then erol.html#11506x0&& has four frames on it and each of them
get loaded. A few of those frames ALSO has a frameset in it, hence
you getting mutliple notices in OnDocumentComplete.

Personally, This kind of crud is really a stupid way of designing
a web site. Whoever did this is a complete IDIOT even though it

Good luck at doing whatever you are trying to do.

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