L7VTM VIA KT400 motherboard incompatibility

I'm troubleshooting a friends PC who has recently brought a new PNY GeForce 6600 GT128mb to install into a L7VTM VIA KT400 motherboard He has no problems with his existing Geforce 4 MX 440 but the minute he swaps this to the 6600 GT the problems start..

1. No VGA Signal - monitor stays on stand by
2. No Bios Post - everything powers up but no Bios 'bleep' or activity at all

He has a good 500w power supply and has troubleshooted all the other hardware, If you just plug in the 6600 GT and remove everything else you still get the same problem. The bios has been reset and the card reseated, the power supply reconnected, the settings in the bios has been set to default and the Agp graphics aperture has been changed to 128mb.

frankly I'm all out of ideas... Can anyone help?
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maybe the 6600 card is bad. Can you test it on another system first to confirm this?

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and235100Author Commented:
No, unfortunately not. I could try to get him to post it to me, so I can try it. Any other ideas?
if his old card is still working OK, apart from testing the new one, no.
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found this (can be interesting in his case) :

and235100Author Commented:
Cheers nobus. I will see whether this gets us any further.
That motherboard is fairly old - does it even have an extra 4-wire power connector?  The video card may not be getting enough current.  Did he also plug in the extra power connector to the video card?
and235100Author Commented:
I will check.
and235100Author Commented:
My friend is going to send his card back to PNY.
That was what i suggested : the board is bad !
and235100Author Commented:
To be honest, my friend knew this anyway, it was just a last resort. I was just fishing for other ideas. Nobody has actually told me anything new, seeing as its not that hard to assume the card is bad. BTW, he has his replacement from PNY and it works fine now.
irequest the points; my answer was good.
and235100Author Commented:
To stop the moaning...
i wish you did not do that; C is not for a good answer ...
calling in the mod
and235100Author Commented:
Sorry for the future. I just wish I hadn't bothered now, if it was going to cause these problems.

What is the point of a grade C if I cannot allocate it? nobus gave an obvious answer (no offence), I graded it accordingly! Now I'm getting grief!

and235100Author Commented:
"...an answer which happens to be true"

It was true, but not exactly ground-breaking.

I like how people run to a mod, instead of telling you what they actually think...
if you participate on this forum, you are supposed to know the rules, and bound by them.
and235100Author Commented:

Can we stop this please?
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