Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: value

I am getting this error:
Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: value

when i try to populate a DDL with a preselected value...
the code that (i THINK) is relevant is:

Sub Page_Load(Sender As Object, E As EventArgs)
           Dim ConnectToDatabase as new SQLConnection("UID=SA;PWD=hello; Data Source=(local); database=builders;")
           Dim DDLAdapterStatus as new SQLDataAdapter("SELECT * from tbl_status",connecttodatabase)
           Dim DS1 as new Dataset
           Dim DDLAdapterProperty as new SQLDataAdapter("SELECT DISTINCT RTRIM(ISNULL(address1, '')) + ' ' + RTRIM(ISNULL(address2, '')) AS title, propertyID FROM tbl_property",connecttodatabase)
           Dim DS2 as new Dataset
           Dim DDLAdapterCalltype as new SQLDataAdapter("SELECT * from tbl_calltype",connecttodatabase)
           Dim DS3 as new Dataset

           DDLAdapterStatus.Fill(Ds1, "status")
           DDLAdapterProperty.Fill(Ds2, "property")
           DDLAdapterCalltype.Fill(Ds3, "calltype")
If Not IsPostBack Then

           jobID = Trim(request.querystring("jobID"))
           Row = ClassyDS.Tables("Jobs").Rows(0)
           jobtitle.Text = Row.Item("jobtitle").ToString()
           jobdescription.Text = Row.Item("jobdescription").ToString()
           began.Text = Row.Item("began").ToString()
           enddate.Text = Row.Item("enddate").ToString()
           extensiondate.Text = Row.Item("extensiondate").ToString()
           drawingref.Text = Row.Item("drawingref").ToString()

                    ddlstatus.DataSource = Ds1               '<--- (Dataset Name)
                    ddlstatus.DataMember = "status"               '<--- (Table Name)
                    ddlstatus.DataTextField = "statusname"               '<---    (Column Name)
                    ddlstatus.DataValueField = "statusid"               '<--- (Column Name)
                    ddlStatus.SelectedValue = Row.Item("statusid")

                    ddlproperty.DataSource = Ds2               '<--- (Dataset Name)
                    ddlproperty.DataMember = "property"               '<--- (Table Name)
                    ddlproperty.DataTextField = "title"               '<---    (Column Name)
                    ddlproperty.DataValueField = "propertyid"               '<--- (Column Name)
                    ddlproperty.SelectedValue = Row.Item("propertyid")

                    ddlcalltype.DataSource = Ds3               '<--- (Dataset Name)
                    ddlcalltype.DataMember = "calltype"               '<--- (Table Name)
                    ddlcalltype.DataTextField = "typename"               '<---    (Column Name)
                    ddlcalltype.DataValueField = "typeid"               '<--- (Column Name)
                    'ddlcalltype.SelectedValue = Row.Item("calltype")  '<-----------THIS IS THE LINE THAT IS CAUSING PROBLEMS

       End If
Sub GetJob(JobID As Integer)
       SelectStatement = "Select * From tbl_job Where jobid =" & JobID
       ConnectString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB; UID=SA;PWD=hello; Data Source=(local); database=builders;"
       Connect.ConnectionString = ConnectString
       Adapter.SelectCommand =  new OleDbCommand(SelectStatement, Connect)
       ClassyCB  = New OleDbCommandBuilder(Adapter)
 End Sub

The field in tbl_job i want to use as the preselected field is called "Calltype". When i comment out this line the page works fine...

any ideas? let me know if you need more info

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if already one is selected, setting like this would give error
ddlcalltype.SelectedValue = Row.Item("calltype")  

u can use like this
ddlcalltype.SelectedIndex = - 1
ddlcalltype.SelectedValue = Row.Item("calltype")  

stringvariable = Convert.ToString(Row.Item("calltype"))
ddlcalltype.selectedindex =  ddlcalltype.Items.IndexOf(ddlcalltype.Items.FindByValue(stringvariable))

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lz7cjcAuthor Commented:
would you mind explaining to me why that is the case for this drop down list only? whilst i try the code you have given me
lz7cjcAuthor Commented:
i get the same error with the first suggestion and the second doesn't choose the right item in the ddl
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I believe you are getting this error, because you are trying to set a selected value for a value that doesn't exist, or you are trying to select the value of the the type using the type name.

Try changing
ddlcalltype.SelectedValue = Row.Item("calltype")  
ddlcalltype.SelectedText = Row.Item("calltype")

Or change:
ddlcalltype.SelectedValue = Row.Item("calltype")  
ddlcalltype.SelectedValue = Row.Item("typeid")
lz7cjcAuthor Commented:
thanks - i have merged your two answers and it now works... what worries me is that there is no reason i can think of why the numbering is out by one - any thoughts? obviously i don't want to cover up one bug with a seperate fix
                    stringvariable = Convert.ToString(Row.Item("calltype"))
                    ddlcalltype.selectedindex =  stringvariable - 1

lz7cjcAuthor Commented:
calltype is storing a number... that is the same as typeid as a foreign key... i appreciate this is pretty bad coding practice but it is down to a lack of planning and i would rather not change now!
I'm not sure why your index is off by one. Perhaps you should open a new question regarding that issue since this question is resolved?
dropdown list index is zero based index

if u had the drop down list like


then ddname.selectedindex = 0 selects value 1
ddname.selectedindex = 1 selects value 2

use only if the value is going to be sequential without any gaps

ddlcalltype.selectedindex =  stringvariable - 1

best practise would be always

ddlcalltype.SelectedIndex = - 1 ' resets the selected index, if was preselected
'if you want to select by value
        If Not ddlcalltype.Items.FindByValue(Convert.ToString(Row.Item("calltype"))) Is Nothing Then
          ddlcalltype.SelectedValue = Convert.ToString(Row.Item("calltype"))
        End If
' or if you want to select by text
        If Not ddlcalltype.Items.FindByText(Convert.ToString(Row.Item("calltype"))) Is Nothing Then
          ddlcalltype.SelectedText = Convert.ToString(Row.Item("calltype"))
        End If
 here you check if the value or text exists in the dropdown list

or simply use

ddlcalltype.SelectedIndex = - 1 ' resets the selected index, if was preselected
ddlcalltype.SelectedIndex = ddlcalltype.Items.IndexOf(ddlcalltype.Items.FindByValue(stringvariable))
ddlcalltype.SelectedIndex = ddlcalltype.Items.IndexOf(ddlcalltype.Items.FindByText(stringvariable))
lz7cjcAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help on this - and thanks for the explanation
all the best
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