Connection Sharing under Win2000 professional


I need some expert to tell me how to share connection between one windows2000 professional machine and two WinXP.

win2000 is server (dial up internet connection) with two NIC. one NIC is connected to one XP computer, second to another XP.

I need to do this standard windows way (eg. through system tools), using NAT, no proxies, etc.

The main problem is that i can't set two network cards to ICS.

| [NIC1] <-----------------> [NIC3] CLIENT1
| [NIC2] <-----------------> [NIC4] CLIENT2
| [USB] <------------------> ADSL MODEM

i can't use hardware hub/switches

Thanx in advande :)
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Why can't you use a hub/switch ???

As this would be your BEST route to take.
The best thing to do would be to invest in an ADSL gateway as I noticed you are using an ADSL modem on USB.

Linksys do some great boxes, that combine ADSL modem, DHCP server, Firewall, Router and ethernet\Wi Fi connections.

Have a look at this one:
works a treat.
Best of all it will keep your network safe(r) on line and its dead easy to set up.

Hope this helps
r2d2_PLAuthor Commented:
Thanx for suggestion. Best reason for me not to invest in hub/switch/router is to save money and i can get some os'es from MSDNAA for free :) Also ill set up a web server based on apache on that box so i think it would be great solution to just put 2 cards into one PC and dont use any additional equipment.

I know that win2003 server have such functionality but my hardware is a bit old.

Anyway some suggestion about setting up bridge on win2k?
r2d2_PL: if you did not yet invest money in NICs, there might be an easier suggestion. There are NICs with built-in switches, like this one:
It is built into a computer as a regular NIC and if you share this one by ICS, all other connected computers will be able to use it.
About bridging, I did not yet hear of an easy solution for your problem.


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