Problem with removing old server in domain.

After I installed a new Windows 2003 domain controller in a Windows 2000 domain I have problems removing the old Windows 2000 server.
Everything works just fine as long as the old server is precent but as soon as it's removed all DNS quierys fail and the new server complains about replication errors.
I have run all the adprep and dcpromo commands and I have installed DNS on the new server.
I don't know if the problem is that I removed the old server before the AD was properly replicated or if the new DNS server simply doesn't work.
I get no dns events but many errors originating from dns in system event viewer.
I have check this site for answers but as far as I can tell I've done everything right.
This is how I did:
1. Installed Windows 2003 on new server
2. Added new server to the network as a member server.
3. Ran adprep /forestprep and adprep /domainprep on old Windows 2000 server
4. Ran dcpromo on new server (without dns)
5. Changed all FSMO roles to the new server, made new server Global Catalog server.
6. Installed DHCP and DNS on new server.
7. Deautherized DHCP server on old server.
8. Removed old server.
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Simple question, (maybe to simple) but does all clients and servers knows the address of the new DNS server? A
nd if your no sure if DNS has fully replicated just check it out at the zone data.
SYSHALLAuthor Commented:
All the clients know the address.
All clients apear in the zone data.
Have now put back the old server and told the client to wait until tomorrow and then try and remove it again.
Hopefully this will give the servers time to replicate.
How does your network looks like? How many DC's, member servers, subnets and domains?

I think the replication errors are normally because he cant find the old domain controller any more (assuming you didn't do a dcpromo to demote de old DC, if you did you want to read this:;en-us;216498).

But why the DNS error? Therefor you need to draw your complete DNS Infrastructure for your self to have a clear view. Include name and adresses of DNS servers, with their forwarders and zones (forword and lookup) and test some activity with the nslookup command. With nslookup you see the primairy DNS server server of the client where the command is issued.
It isn't nessecary for dns lookups but try to add the new dns server to the reverse lookup zone, it's looks better for nslookup.

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SYSHALLAuthor Commented:
Didn't demote the old server.
Still have the same problem after letting them run side by side for 1 day.
Replication seems to work perfectly but when I remove the network cable from the old server all DNS activities fail.
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