Networking using ADSL modem and hub


I have this problem maybe somebody can help me. I have 1 ADSL modem, hub and 1 master pc, 8 client PCs and also 1 access point. I connect the adsl modem to my master PC and my master PC to a hub. i fixed the modem to as the gateway and as the server. so my master pc has 2 network cards 1 to the adsl modem and 1 to hub.

this master pc can connect to internet and do msn and all the pcs can share printers and files and share the same subnet. but the problem that i faced is that the client pcs cannot surf internet while the master pc can. what should i do to solve this problem?
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Have you checked the DNS properties?
If you don't have a dns server on your network you should use your ISPs DNS servers.

Your master PC can probably surf because it gets it's IP from the modem with DNS configured.
And have you done anything to bridge the 2 network cards?
So that your master machine knows what to do with traffic that is supposed to you to the internet.

If your network setting is like this:

                                                +--- PC
ADSL modem --- master PC --- hub  -- PC
                                                +--- PC
Then in order for the PCs behind the hub to access the Internet, you have to configure the master PC as proxy server and the PCs using the master PC as proxy to go out.

Alternatively, you need to configure routing between the 2 network cards of the master PC so that traffic is routed between the 2 cards.

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I think you can set it up using Internet Connection Sharing thats built into windows.

For Windows 98SE
For Windows 2000
For Windows XP


Junk what you have and start again using some different hardware.

The best thing to do would be to invest in an ADSL gateway.

Linksys do some great boxes, that combine ADSL modem, DHCP server, Firewall, Router and ethernet\Wi Fi connections.

Have a look at this one:
works a treat.
Best of all it will keep your network safe(r) on line and its dead easy to set up.

Hope this helps
Two options - use ICS (Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing) where the Master PC becomes a DHCP server and router and always has to be on.


Purchase an inexpensive broadband router - for about $75 US.  Something like this Linksys:

I would recommend going with the broadband router.  Very easy, doesn't require the master pc to be on, doesn't put a Microsoft machine on the Internet itself (YIKES!).

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widiyantosgAuthor Commented:
i think i need to do the ICS way.. because my boss ask me to.. he doesn't want to buy the broadband router yet..
in the network connection, i have 2 connections, 1 is the internet connection, 1 is the local area connection
yes, i tried to go to my network connection-right click on the internet connection-properties-sharing-tick "enable sharing...." i know that i didn't need to set the ip address for the connection but for the local area connection do we need to set the ip address manually?
also do we need to install the ics or if we tick the "enable sharing..." means that we install the ics already?
Internet connection sharing is part of the OS on newer PC's. The process is really easy - Jeff's links (above) should help if you want the walkthrough.
Ok - although my opinion is the router is a better way to do it, with less risk.
Your boss is an ID-10-T. ICS was not designed to support 8 PC's. You will huge lag and unreliable service.
If youo can't spent 80-100 bucks for the device you need tell you boss youo can not provide the service he wants.
LOL @ Mark.  boss is an ID-10-T - hard to find one that isn't - isn't it!?  :)
widiyantosgAuthor Commented:
haha.. its true..
i try the praticallynetworked website.. maybe I tick the microsoft client and the file and printer sharing that's why i cannot see the drop down menu to choose for LAN or USB.

it's ok if it is unreliable.. it's not my problem anymore because i only do what he ask me to do right?
WrongO DongO
It is your problem. and FIIRST thing to do is document exactlly when, where and why you boss wants or does want sometihng done riight without funding it. That way when he sys you dummy you didn't fix this you can go to your notes and say XYZ so it is your fault.
Let me fix it right. etcc... or lets hang your butt out to get bit.

WE is here to help
widiyantosgAuthor Commented:
ok.. let's go back to the problem..
do we need to install the ics in the host pc?
my host pc is running on win2k while my client pc is running on win98, winME or win2k.

when i try to install the ics by going to windows component, i cannot see the internet tools. so what is probably the problem?

what is the difference in the steps in annoyance and the steps in particallynetworked?why in annoyance, i need to install the netbeous protocol while in the other one says i don't need?

The problem is that ICS is the wrong answer.
You have been given good inexpensive solutions (pseudocyber).With a linksys router you can do some fitlering and port forwarding for better protection.
Let the ADSL moden connected to the ISP do the DHCP and DNS and you should be fine.
If you boss needs help understanding he can email me for a few choice words otherwise I am done with this thread.

Good luck
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