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Hi experts

I'm faced with the difficult task ti obtain a remote VPN software, which will allow us to log in to different types of firewalls, especially the following:

- Checkpoint
- Sonic Wall
- InstaGate EX
- Zywall

I am aware that each of those manufacturers sell their own type of VPN Client. However, some of these clients interfer among each other.

Does anyone know of a universal type of VPN client which I can use?

Thanks and regards

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SoftRemote can work with most VPN servers.

Whats about windows XP connection to work space (vpn)?
If the VPN is using straight IPSec with IKE, pretty much any client will do.
But most VPN's don't use straight IPSec with IKE since:
o IKE only supports authentication through certificates or pre-shared secrets, whereas most people want to use passwords, SecurID tokens, or some such.
o Many VPN products also have built-in capabilities for personal firewall configuration and things like checking that the machine is receiving regular patch and anti-virus updates before letting it on the network.

You need to use the vendor-specific VPN client if you're doing any of these things. And almost everyone does because they're very useful.

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One of the options is to use like Cisco's VPN client to log into your organization's domain. Then you can log into any devices in your organization.

This is what I use and I have no problem accessing:

So the options are endless. But I know that using Cisco's VPN client does work. It authenticates my laptop and my laptop is a gui-client (with a static IP address via VPN) in the firewalls.
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