I have a client who is running Windows 2000 Server and Exchange 2000. The workstations are XP using Outlook 2003.

I have two users. Ian and Dave. It seems that every now and then an e-mail addressed to Ian will be delivered to Dave. These are random, not from anyone in particular, not any particular size.

I have checked the following:
Virus' on PCs and Server
Mail redirection in both users active directory properties
E-mail addresses and alias' for both users
Rules in Outlook on both machines

Has anyone got any ideas what is going on and how to resolve!!!

Thanks in advance

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Could you use the Message Tracking Centre in Exch System Manager to trace the mails from user to user......might give you an idea of what is actually happening ?

Also have a look at the message headers for the e-mails.

Do the intended users also receive a copy of the e-mail or does mail just go to the other recipient ?

ASADRAHMEDAuthor Commented:
I have tried using the tracking centre but it says the database says the database is not available.

And the intended recipient doesn't actually recieve a copy of the e-mail!!!
First of all I would recommend turning on message tracking

see article

I would also look at a header on a received e-mail -  by clicking on view->options on the received mail, in outlook !

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I can track these messages and I have looked at the header info. I know the IP that these are comming from and I have submitted complaints to the ISP of the address. Other than this I am looking for ways to stop the mail into my exchange box.
I got similar issue recently.  Everything was fine in the AD delivery option. However, the problem was caused by an old delegation entry.
I do not follow. Can you please explain?
In the Active Directory user profiles, do you have email addresses established for each user?  Are they correct?  No email forwarding or delivery changes or otherwise are shown here?
Sorry, I have been posting to the wrong question. I am an idiot. Please disregaurd and unput from UnifiedIT in this question.
ASADRAHMEDAuthor Commented:
I have checked the header of the e-mail, and it was destined to go to IAN, but DAVE recieved it!!! There is no fowarding, each user is configured with only his own e-mail address.

However, DAVE is an administrator, he does recieve e-mails from the APC UPS, when errors occur. Is there an option in exchange where undeliverable e-mails would be re routed to an admin!!!
The only way you can route undeliverable mails in Exchange 2000/3 (correct me if I'm wrong, someone please!) is to add an event sink on the Exchange box to force any mails to an invalid recipient to a generic account........

This is unlikely to cause it however, as the user IAN actually has a valid mailbox, from what you've said.....

It sounds like poor advice/a total cop-out, but the route i would take at this stage is to backup the users mailboxes into PST files and recreate the appropriate accounts and mailboxes, which would remove any historic delegations or mailbox entries that might cause the problems.

It may be quicker than searching for another solution or trying to find the cause of the issue?

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