Printing tiff file containing scanned colour images results in all pages coming out blank


I'm trying to print a tiff file that contains scanned coloured images but all the pages are coming out blank.
I am using a third party tool to do this (FileNet IDM Viewer).  I can print the tiff file ok if it is printed outside of this third party tool.  The third party have confirmed that they can print this file ok via the FileNet IDM viewer so I wondered if there could be a desktop setting (we're using XP) that could be causing this.

Any ideas appreciated.


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Hi Don,

Does it happen with only one TIFF file or every TIFF file you try to print?

Also, you said you can print the file ok if it's done outside FileNet. What program did you use to print it?

DLyallAuthor Commented:
Hi Lobo

Only happens with this colour document, black and white tiff files print ok.

What I have found out is that when the document is created initially (by scanning in some pages), it is created in jpeg format.  If this jpeg file is then downloaded (outside of FileNet) it can be printed out ok using microsoft photo editor.  Subsequently the jpeg file is converted to tiff format as part of the processing that associates the document with a particular member.  It is this tiff document that causes the problem.



DLyallAuthor Commented:
Also note that the conversion from jpeg to tiff is an automatic process and I'm not sure if it happens on the user's desktop or on the FileNet server.
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DLyallAuthor Commented:
Update for Lobo.

The tiff document is printing out fine now but not sure what has changed to cause this.  From my desktop using "Filenet IDM Viewer", I can now successfully print a copy of the tiff file I downloaded some days ago to my c drive.  I can also print the document from within our application which reads the document from the FileNet server.  Any thoughts?


DLyallAuthor Commented:
Its possible the printer I used to print the documents previously has been modified in some way since I last tried to print this document.
I will check if our users can now print this document off on their own colour printer.
Hi DLyall,

It sounds like a printer timeout problem from what you describe. If the TIFF is too big and the printer had too many jobs on qeue...
DLyallAuthor Commented:

The users are still not able to print successfully on their printer although we can on ours.
The types of errors they are getting
i) part of the page is printed correctly and then gobbledy gook follows

ii) PCL XL error
      Subsystem.   IMAGE
      Error:           ExtraData
      Operator       ReadImage
      Position:       399

I am also trying to get a test page printed out on their printer to get some more details.
DLyallAuthor Commented:

The users are printing to a HP LaserJet 4600dn with a PCL 5.00 driver installed.
We are able to print this document OK on a Xerox printer which has a post script driver installed.
I guess it's possible that the third party software being used to print this document is not compatible with the HP printer driver.
Hi DLyall,

In this day and age that is rare but not impossible. You could call the software manufacturr and ask them about that particular driver. Also, I'm wondering if it could be a corrupted bit in the file itself, in which case you could open it with Photoshop or any other raster graphics app and resave it.

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