MODI Document for multiple users

I am using the Microsoft Document Imaging Control to view scanned invoices.  All works fine if only one user is trying to look at an invoice.  If another person tries to view the same invoice the document will not load because it has already been opened by the first user.

How can I get around this?  I am using the following code to load my invoice image:

Private Sub GetImage_Click()
Me.ctlDoc1.FileName = "C:\InvFileName.mdi"
end sub

I have thought about creating a temporary copy of the invoice and then loading this into the viewer...but there must be another way.

Pls advise
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You can use MDIC to scan and save to a tiff instead of a mdi.  Or try using to scan, save and view the file.  It will allow several people to view the same file at the same time and has command line parameters you can call with shell to automate the scanning, viewing, etc.
doddwellAuthor Commented:
thenelson, tried it using a tif file and I get the same problem.  Had a look at irfanview but don't want to use a 3rd party viewer....want to stick to using Modi.

I think I need some way of opening the document as read-only.
You can try using M$ Office Snapshot viewer.  Just like MDIC, it comes with office but is read only.  An additional advantage is it is available back to at least Office 2000 (MDIC is only available for 2002+).  Instead of the .mdi extension, you would use the .snp extension.
doddwellAuthor Commented:
I want to continue to use modi.  I have decided to check to see if the image is already open by someone else and, if it is, tell the user taht it is locked and can't be opened (it will be a rare occurrence).  If this does become a problem, I'll change things so that before opening, a temporary copy of the file is taken and that will be the one that gets opened.
It sounds like you have one copy of the front end that everyone is sharing.  Much better is for each computer to have and run its own copy of the front end to increase speed and reduce the occurance of front end corruption.  Access is pretty good at handling write conflicts to the data or back end but not very good at handling write conflicts of the front end.  Copying the front end to each computer should also take care of your Modi problem too.  I have a database at that allows you to place an updated front end in one location then have each computer download it if it is newer.  This utility provides an additional advantage -- you can upload an update at any time -- no need for users to get out, they will get the new version when they next open the database.

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