Please help! which college or university is best in MS in security?

hey guys,
       can you please tell me which college or university is best in MS in information security or network security in UK and Canada?
i will be thankful to you people.
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I annot help you with the UK and Canada but many information security programs have online curriculi.

The Masters program in INFOSEC at JMU has students in England Germany and Japan.

It is nationally recognized and is one of the older programs in the US.


Another well known one is the CERIAS program at Perdue, also in the US.

But if you want UK only, try googling 'information security masters' (or for Canada).
The SANS Internet Storm Center has home training sessions that might be of interest to you...
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baburkhanAuthor Commented:
Thanks all of you. Well i want more people to help me with finding the appropriate college or university as it is the matter of my future.I dont want any training sessions and require a Proper MS in information or network security( which is the best anyway?) and want to do that from a well-recognized top 5 universities either in UK, Canada or US. Please tell me the programs in all 3 of the countries as i might get problem in getting visa for a particular country.
i hope that u people will help me as it is concerning to my future.

I mentioned the JMU program because you do not need to be either a US citizen or at the school to participate. I had a class that teamed me with a partner in cambridge, and it was successful.

if you are interested in Information Security, and you are looking at US schools, you should probably look at schools that have been acknowledged by the NSA (National Security Agency) as Centers for Academic Excelence. I cannot speak for the UK or Canada.

But look at what that means:
Ans the acreddited schools:


Tim HolmanCommented:
Royal Hollaway in the UK is pretty well respected:

They always have stands at Infosec, their professors go to all the right industry meetings, so you should have no problem getting potential employers to recognise your bit of paper once you've finished.

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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
A universally accepted Security certificate is the CISSP, "ICS squared" offers courses all over the world
However the certificate is more universal, as it is not limited to M$ products.
The MCSE and MCSA certificates are M$ centric,
You may search for courses/class's based on those.
baburkhanAuthor Commented:
hey richrumble i dont want to do certifications , i want to do MS in information from any world top 10 university.
Tim HolmanCommented:
A CISSP is a professional qualification that would touch on a lot of what an MSc in IS would do.
It may be worth covering this off to see whether or not you fancy doing the MSc, as they're pretty hardcore...
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