General Lotus Notes question: How to integrate an external web app?


I do not have any Lotus Notes experience. What is the best /easiest concept to integrate an external web application into Notes? No real integration, just make it look and accessible similiar to Notes. E.g. in Outlook I can create a folder, assign a homepage url which points to my external web app. Can I do something similiar with Notes?

Or - if we would want to integrate it deeper (it's a php / mysql support application), what concepts would be best?

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this won't be straight answer.

Complicated as per I understood your specs.

But if I want to answer in better way, can u please elaborate more on what u want to achieve. Please don't compare it to some other product and u may endup not achieving it.
So, lets make it simple . Just tell us, what u want to do and how it should get executed. there may be some other workaround.
insignAuthor Commented:

We have a web application, a ticketing system based on php/mysql. Each user has his own tasks overview etc. Just a web application with per-user personalisation. All I want is to make it accessible within Notes. Just add a menu item which shows a website. Is this possible in Notes?

And the second part of the question: What concepts exist to integrate external applications? I just want a conceptual overview.


It's not clear whether you want to -- in effect -- use Notes as a sort of portal, so that the web content is displayed within the Notes client, or just launch the user's default web browser with the URL you specify.

The latter is very simple -- just create an action that uses the macro language command @URLOpen.

Notes is able to display web data in the Notes client, but not terribly well, and the user's settings have to be configured to allow that.

There are many ways to integrate external applications. You could write Java code to call a web service or retrieve a web page and create a document in memory to display the results (LotusScript can also be used for this but there's more Java code you can just copy). You can use Java or LotusScript to call the APIs that allow access to other systems. You can use DECS or LEI to copy relational data into your applications and either store a copy, or just display it on the fly. You could just launch the application. On Windows workstations, you can use OLE automation to communicate with other locally installed applications (e.g. to populate a mailing label document in Word or Excel based on information read from a Notes database). Or you can use OLE automation from other applications to command Notes to do things. Notes also has APIs in C, C++, and Java that allow "back end" data access.

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insignAuthor Commented:
Yes, its's not clear what I want - that's because I didn't know what's possible. Thanks for the overview!

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