VRM Problem in IBM e-Server

I wud know about Voltage Regulator module in a server...I face frequent hangups in my servers while heavy processing...no display in monitor even after restarting the server...I also face frequent hard disk failures...I use IBM e-Server...Wehn contacting my service personnel, he says that there might be problem in VRM(Voltage regulator module)...I also tested the server's performance in low temperature room (18'c to 22'c)...But if the room temp exceed 25'c, the server hangup...can any expert suggest me a solution for this...any hardware upgradation required...
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Proper operation of the VRM is vital to stable server operation.  Since the VRM produces regulated voltages for the CPU, any problems with it will almost always cause the CPU to malfunction.

The easiest thing to try is to replace the VRM with a new one.  They are inexpensive and easy to replace.  My suggestion would be to get one from IBM that is the recommended FRU part number. (FRU - Field Replaceable Unit)  Using another VRM might still leave you in a position where IBM will not support the configuration.

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