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In version 9 of CorelDraw, if you double click the colour well in the right hand side of the status bar, you can access advance colour properties. If I attempt to do this in version 12, the program appears to give focus to this window but it is not visible.

I have tried this program version on another pc and it worked fine so it's obviously this notebook creating the problem.
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Hi Ethan,

To access the Fill dialog (if that's what you mean by advanced colour properties) you need to do it from the tollbox on the left. You can access the Color Palette conext menu by clicking on a colour well in the right hand palette and holding the mouse for a couple of seconds.

Good Vibes!

ethanjamesAuthor Commented:
Hi Lobo

The Fill Colour Dialog box (Shift+F11) doesn't appear at all. The main program loses focus as though it is showing the dialog box but it is not visible. (It's like it's hidden by another window)
Hi Ethan.  Gotcha.

Could it be possible that you have changed your monitor resolution recently or have changed monitors? Most of CorelDraw dialogs remember the position they were at the last time they were open, and if you (as I do) move them around as needed....  you see where I'm going. Let's say you moved that dialog to a corner. The next day you decided to reduce your monitor's resolution. Next time you use CorelDraw and try to open the Fill dialog it will open but its coordinates will be outside of the visible area of the monitor.

To see if this is the case, change your monitor resolution to something higher than currently is and then go back to Draw and double-click on the colour well again.

Good Vibes!


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 I once ran into this problem with a toolbar when I used my laptop connected to a external monitor and forgot to rearrange the window layout after.

 The thing is that I know that it was kinda hard to solve (don't remember how I did it) ... Anyway... If you happen to have done this connect the laptop to the monitor again, if not, you could try connecting it to the monitor of your desktop, and use the laptop in extended mode...

Try closing all docks, toolbars, and re-opening the colour wheel..

Good luck
ethanjamesAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for your assistance!! I had tried updating video drivers and everything!
Glad to be of help, Ethan.  If you have an nVidia video card (the ones that come with the nView desktop managements software) that nView has an option to prevent windows from falling outside of the viewing area.

Thanks for the points and the grade.

Good Vibes!

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