How Can I become a very Good Prorammer in Servlets and Jsp ?


I know some basic concepts of java,servlets and jsp. I want to become a very good programmer in servlets and in jsp. Could any people give me some suggessions (By suggesting any we sites or books etc) ?
Any suggession will be  well appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


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You need to learn a few of the applications of JSP and surrounding knowledge such as:

Dynamic data basics - scriplets and the like
Connecting to a database and displaying the results of a query
Performing XML transformations
Know about filters and listeners
Understand about saving data in scopes (page, request, session and application) - pros and cons
Understanding and programming in an MVC architecture such as JSF or Struts
Understanding servlet containers such as Tomcat or Resin.
Connecting to middleware such as EJB.

You will learn best if you do these yourself in real examples.

Andrew BeersTechnology LeadCommented:
This is a decent jumping point:


You want to get familiar with DAO => Data Access Objects and database connections.

Pretty much the best experience is doing it, I didn't know JSP at all until I got a job where I had to learn it and from there I was forced to learn the scripting side of java aka. jsp and now know it backwards and forwards.  Pretty much you want to get the following java classes designed and nailed down:

Database <- Writing this gives you quick easy methods to parse database data and execute queries.  Also it should handle all your connection set ups for you.  Whether you are using a connection pool or are using standard connection types both have their advantages.

Mail <- You write yourself a good mail class you can do professional web pages with ease.  People don't want to have to load their mail client to mail a company, thus you do server side STMP mail scripts to do it for them from a html / jsp page.

Pdf file creating <-  Use iText aka lowagie to create pdf files, this makes life simple for making nice looking reports and is simple to plug into a query to give results in pdf format for long term storage.

You want to study up on these as well:
-Java Patterns site:  That gives you a brief overview of design patterns so you should be able to study up from there

Like I said and bloodredsun said the best way to learn is to do it.  Get yourself a copy of Tomcat and start writing.  Create your own forum, mail, and database connections as well as dynamic web pages to show dynamic data generated from queries.  If you lack a database MySQL is available free of charge from MySQL and all the help files you'll need are there for configuring your IDE to compile the ODBC drivers.

If you have any more specific questions or what direction you are looking to go I'd be happy to give you more resoures but currently I have over 150 favorites all dealing with java design and jsp.


PS:  Don't waste your money on any books aside from a good source refrence that suits you.  JSP is a language easily learned from experience and from other tutorial sites.  Plus you can always ask questions here and I'm sure with how competative this section of ee is you'll quickly get a response.

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