3 switches

Curious about something. Is it better to daisy chain 3 switches or plug 2 of the switches into the 3rd.

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Same either way. Switches don't divide the connection. Same number of cables either way. Hope this helps!
It really depends on your room setup and # of computers - it's more about cable management and expandability than performance.  I personally like to cascade my switches rather than chain them.
matt-helmAuthor Commented:
whats the difference between cascade and daisy chain? diagram? :)

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cascading would be plugging the two switches into the 3rd - if you've ever seen that trick where they stack a bunch of champagne glasses on top of one another and then pour the champagne in from the top, that's the basic idea of a cascade.  
Technically with 3 switches you can only plug them in one way, once you add a 4th then you could change it from a chain to a cascade or vice versa.

the difference would probably not be noticable unless you have a couple of computers that are constantly sending lots of data. Then typically you want to cascade as wstuph said. You would put your servers or devices that share out the most data on switch 1 and balance  all clients on the other two switches both of wich should be plugged into switch 1.

That way you don't have a server on switch 1 and a client on swtich 3 that has to go through switch 2 to get to server on switch 1. If a computer on switch 2 starts sending/requesting data to a computer on switch 1 it COULD (but probably won't) cause a bottle neck for the computer on switch 3.

(oh no i've gone cross eyed) ;-)

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The anwser is:

The one that uses less meters of cable to keep the connection as fast as you can.
Either way is fine.
matt-helmAuthor Commented:
Well.. I do have them setup in a cascade with my servers on switch 1 and my users on 2 and 3 both plugged directly into 1. I thought this made the most sense anyways.


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