DOS Command with Error Handling

I am looking for a routine to do the following:

  1) Open a DOS prompt (on a Win 2003 server)
  2) Send DOS commands to a program (an FTP program)
  3) Wait for the handle or an error to return
  4) Be able to recognize when the handle has been gone too long (probably using a timer here, unless there's a way to set a time limit).

This might be a tall order, so reference links would be fine if they show me how to accomplish this. The primary part of this request is to recognize the handle's return and catch and DOS errors.

Thanks in advance!

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JeepGeekinAuthor Commented:
OK #4 is a luxury item. Anyone know how to accomplish 1-3?
You will not be able to control FTP.exe that way.

Write your own FTP client instead:;EN-US;832679
JeepGeekinAuthor Commented:
Great post! I'll accept it if no one has a better solution. My problem is that I also have to decrypt the file using a program that takes DOS commands.

Do we completely loose control of the handle sending DOS commands from I was hoping that there was a way to retain control.
DOS commands are not written like APIs that your program can use.  Input and Output is assumed from and to the console.  You have limited control of these commands from your VB.NET application.

You can, however, redirect the standard Input and Output of these commands to your program:

        ' Create a DOS command and redirect its output so we can capture it
        Dim pi As ProcessStartInfo = New ProcessStartInfo("cmd.exe")
        pi.RedirectStandardInput = True
        pi.RedirectStandardOutput = True
        pi.UseShellExecute = False

        ' Run the DOS command
        Dim proc As Process = Process.Start(pi)
        proc.StandardInput.WriteLine("dir c:")

        ' Capture DOS command output
        Dim output As String = proc.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd()

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JeepGeekinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dimandja. I haven't had a chance to test this, but it's exactly what I am looking for. Thanks a bunch!
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