Extreme lag with Exchange 2004 in OS 10.4.1

Greetings, all!

I'm just about ready to delete Entourage from my mac. It's driving me insane.

Here's my situation: I bought a new workstation (dual 2.0Ghz G5 with OS 10.4), installed all my apps from scratch, purchased a copy of MS Office 2004 for Mac, installed all the updates, patches, etc. I setup Entourage for Exchange and got to work.

Now, whenever I try to view, read, whatever, Entourage just goes to lunch for 3 or 4 seconds. I eventually got wise and popped up my "Progress" window to see what Entourage was doing in the background. I found that it's 'synchronizing'...CONSTANTLY. It never stops. I even turned OFF synchronization in the account settings, and yet it continues to sync. Seems that when it syncs, I get lags where I can't view messages, select different message or type (or, if I continue to type blindly, nothing appears on screen for seconds, then appears all at once in a flash)

I'm about to dump this app and go over to Mail, which I've avoided due to some features that I simply like better in Entourage.

Any help for a frustrated soul?
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Peter LoobuyckCommented:
If you are admin to that exchange server, turn off the SSL connection. that should let things work ok ..
hi Heraldmail,
    See if this link helps you.


Steven Stuart
Hi Heraldmail,
      Another thing to try it to stop spotlight from looking at mail at least in Entourage.   See if that make a difference, some people say that it does.   If it does work, you may decided to turn it back on, and maybe it will be fine that time.

Steven Stuart
Hi Heraldmail,
      To go along with my last post, about 4 posts down tells you exactly what to do.   There were many many people which this fixed their issues, and only one person that it did not fix, however that one person I think is having a completely different problem.


Steven Stuart

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heraldmailAuthor Commented:

That seemed to do it :)

I had considered Spotlight as the problem source, but didn't go in that direction since the progress window in Entourage was so specific about sync'ing back to the server. But, it looks to have solved the problem. I've been running for over 30 minutes now with no lag at all, which was right in the prime lag period prior to making the spotlight change.


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