Linux 'tar'ed DLT doesn'n work on Solaris

Hi all,
   I created tar archive on a DLT tape on a Linux machine. I can extract it back on the same
machine. But when it is taken to Solaris machine it doesn't work. IO error comes. When I created
a tar archive on solaris, it works well on the same machine, I can extract it back. When I tried to
extract it on a linux machine it give IO error and ejects the DLT tape out. Can u please advice me on how can I do this porting.
Thanks in advance,
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The easiest solution would be to donwnload GNU tar and install on both systems.

Since both systems will be using the same tar utility , there should be no problems porting data over

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Most important point already mentioned by pshattuck, maybe just some minor things in addition:

- precompiled gnu tar get be downloaded from, just in case you dont have a compiler on your solaris machine
- depending on the linux/solaris versions you are using you may need to specify the device to be /dev/rmt/0b (the b stands for bsd behaviour)

On the solaris the default for the block size is 20. Try on the linux box untarring by specifing the block size as -b 20. If all fails I like using cpio.
Sounds like a byte order problem to me. The intel platform is little-endian and the Ultra is big-endian. On ethier box try:

dd if=/dev/tape-device conv=swab | tar tvf -

where linux might use /dev/st0 and Solaris might use /dev/rmt/0.
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