Old DFS root entries still appearing on Win2003 Server

I have a mixed environment of Windows 2000 / 2003 servers.  I had at one time a DFS root called "Profiles" that I was replicating.  (I had replication enabled on the root, bad, I know, but it served a purpose.)  Now, I deleted that root and created a new one called DFS.  Under it I have Links with targets on all my branch servers, 10 in all.  When I run DFSUTIL /pktinfo on all of them they seem ok except one Windows 2003 server.  It shows the old DFS root as an entry.  I've tried the clean command and the remroot command to no avail.  Is there a way to remove that entry?  I want to create a link folder named PROFILES and I'm afraid there is going to be a conflict if I do.  Here's the output from the Win2003 server in question:

3 entries...
Entry: \fmbt\profiles
ShortEntry: \fmbt\profiles
Expires in 0 seconds
UseCount: 56 Type:0x81 ( REFERRAL_SVC DFS )
   0:[\FMBT09CSR\Profiles] State:0x19 ( ACTIVE )
   1:[\FMBT07CSR\Profiles] State:0x09 ( )
   2:[\FMBT08CSR\Profiles] State:0x09 ( )
   3:[\FMBT06CSR\Profiles] State:0x09 ( )
   4:[\FMBT05CSR\Profiles] State:0x09 ( )
   5:[\Fmbt02csr\Profiles] State:0x09 ( )
   6:[\FMBT04CSR\Profiles] State:0x09 ( )
   7:[\Fmbt10csr\Profiles] State:0x09 ( )
   8:[\FMBT03CSR\Profiles] State:0x09 ( )
   9:[\FMBT01CSR\Profiles] State:0x09 ( )

Entry: \firstmorris.local\sysvol
ShortEntry: \firstmorris.local\sysvol
Expires in 180 seconds
UseCount: 0 Type:0x1 ( DFS )
   0:[\FMBT09CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x31 ( ACTIVE )
   1:[\FMBT02CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
   2:[\imc01mor.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
   3:[\FMBT03XXX.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
   4:[\FMBT08CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
   5:[\FMBT07CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
   6:[\FMBT03CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
   7:[\FMBT10CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
   8:[\FMBT04CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
   9:[\FMBT03SQL.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
  10:[\FMBT01CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
  11:[\fmbt01.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
  12:[\FMBT01LOAN.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
  13:[\FMBT06CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
  14:[\FMBT05CSR.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
  15:[\FMBT03EZT.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )
  16:[\fmbt01acct.firstmorris.local\sysvol] State:0x21 ( )

Entry: \FMBT\DFS
ShortEntry: \FMBT\DFS
Expires in 0 seconds
UseCount: 0 Type:0x81 ( REFERRAL_SVC DFS )
   0:[\Fmbt03csr\DFS] State:0x19 ( ACTIVE )

DfsUtil command completed successfully.

The first entries in the list "\\fmbt\profiles" are the ones in question.  It no longer exist.  I want it out!
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There is an NTFRS command switch that cleans out the File Replication db, but for the life of me I can't find it. Hope that gies you some sort of direction, sorry I coudn't be more helpful.  :(
FMBTAuthor Commented:
I think I have this licked.  After I let replication TOTALLY finish on this server, and I verified that it was working great, I restarted the server and ran the dfsutil /pktinfo switch and viola, the problem was gone.  I did some more tests and checked it again the next day and it seems free and clear.  Thanks for your post though.
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