Microsoft DNS / Active Directory - Changing IP Address for external domains

We are using Microsoft DNS with Active Directory. We would like to change that if anyone types in a domain name that they will be redirected to either a IP Address or web page we specify. For example....

User A types in and they would be redirected to
User B types in and they would be redirected to

Anyone have any advice?

Brad Wickwire
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you would need to create a new zone for each domain.  Like  or  Then create a static 'A' record called WWW that points to the IP address of the destination.  You may also be able to do it by using a CNAME record and point it to the '' instead of using an 'A' record to point to the IP address.

The only problem is that it will now be authoritative for all addresses.  this means that will not work, which will kill your yahoo messenger unless you create a static record for it.  When you create a zone, it will no longer go to another DNS server for records that end with that zone.  every address that ends in will be looked up on this server and only this server.

Alternately, you could create HOSTS records on each individual computer.  This gets messy with alot of workstations, but it's the only alternative.  Located in the %system32%\drivers\etc directory, there is a file called HOSTS.  Its just a text file and if you put this:

it will direct to the IP address of  You can determine google's website's IP address by typing 'nslookup' at a command prompt.  That goes for any website.

Redirecting wont work on some websites though.

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