Printers over Terminal Services

I have a network printer setup on a lan in one site. Users on this lan connect to a server in another site via terminal services. Users want to be able to printer to the network printer from their terminal service session. How is that done?
The server is Server 2003 standard and the client computers run Windows XP

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Just make sure the driver for that printer is installed on the terminal server and it will auto connect to whatever the users default printer is.

Also in remote desktop settings before they connect, go to options, local resources tab, and make sure printers is checked under local devices.
(btw, you don't have to have that printer installed on the TS, just the driver. To add the driver install it as a local printer on LPT1. install the driver, when done, delete the printer, it will keep the driver installed)
sephiusAuthor Commented:
I'm pretty sure the printer was setup as the default printer but when I went into the remote desktop session I didn't see it there. Do all printers work over remote desktop sessions?
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The only thing I've read about printers that don't work are USB printers. (you can even get them to work if you use a USB print server)

Check the event log on the terminal server and it will tell you if it's trying to connect and failing.

sephiusAuthor Commented:
Alright, I'm still trying to get it to work. I have another printer setup on my computer here and when I login with remote desktop, the new printer shows up put not the one I need. Doesn't even show up in the event log that it can't install or anything. The printer that's not working it connected to a D-Link DP 301P+. Basicly it converts the parrallel port to eternet to make it a network printer. Now when I had to install the printer locally on my computer, I had to make a lot of custom settings. So that's lead me to wonder if I have to setup the printer manually or something in the remote session. Is that possible?
What kind of printer is it?
Is it your default printer? TS will only try to connect to your default printer.

You should be able to go to the manufacturers website and download the drivers without all the extra software. Use that to install it on the server. You can also try unzipping the driver package (even if it's an EXE file) into a folder then try to install the printer on the server manually. When it asks you for the driver point it to that folder. That way it won't install all the extra stuff you don't need.

( You could always install this on the server, have everyone print to a PDF then print it out later)

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sephiusAuthor Commented:
Sorry, just been busy.
That worked
If it worked, then why the low grade?

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