Moving DNS from old DC to new DC

I'm in the process of upgrading my Windows 2000 domain to Windows 2003. I've already run adprep /forestprep and /domainprep with success.

I'm decommissioning the root DC and moving all services (DHCP, DNS, WINS, etc including all FSMO roles) to a new machine that will be the new DC. I have not promoted the new server to a DC yet.

I'm not sure how to handle moving DNS. Should I run DCPROMO on the new server and point DNS to the old server and then move DNS to the new server later? Should I move DNS to the new server now and then run DCPROMO?

I've read KB articles on how to move DNS within NT 4.0 or 2000 but not much on 2003. Also I've seen steps on moving the zone files over but they include having to move the IP address of the old DC to the new DC as well. I'm trying to avoid that if possible (may not be able to do that).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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you dont need to really "move" the dns as you can have as many DNS servers on your network as you would like.  What you need to do is setup dns on the new server (AD integrated preferrably) and get it working properly, then point all your clients to this DNS server, then take the old DNS server down.  

is your old DNS server a standard zone or an AD integrated zone?
how many DCs do you have now? how many are you going to have when you are done?
redirect your clients to the new dns server, as mikeleebria suggested,  via dhcp.
Dave_OAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I guess what I'm really asking is, what's the preferable way to get DNS on the the new server that will become a DC (as I am taking the old DC out of service). Should I move it before or after I promote the new machine to a DC. It's going to hold the primary zone for the domain not just a copy.

The current DNS server is AD integrated. I currently have 2 DC's in the forest and I will have 2 DC's once I'm done.
if your DNS is currently AD integrated, there is no primary zone, as it is an AD integrated zone.

simply run DCPROMO on the new server since you can't create an AD integrated zone on the server until it is a DC.

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Dave_OAuthor Commented:
Yes, you are correct.

Everything I've been reading talks about reverting the current DNS back to a primary zone from AD integrated and then moving the zone files to the new server and then making it AD integrated again. That's why I'm getting a little confused.

I'm going to go ahead and DCPROMO the new machine and then get DNS off the old machine and over to the new.

Thanks for your help!
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