Problem with getting on the Internet - URGENT


I just fully uninstalled zonealarm, after which altho
it shows me connected to the wireless, however
i can't access or use any internet services.

i tried to ping my wireless router

it shows me:

> ping
Pinging y with 32 bytes of data.

Why did the IP change to a weird "y" character with
2 dots on top of it.

Is my networking tcp ip corrupted, please tell me what to do

i dunno how to reinstall networking
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jedistarAuthor Commented:
when i try to install back zonealarm, my pc will reboot automatically
Hi jedistar,

Try resetting the Winsock

Repair/Reset Winsock settings:
jedistarAuthor Commented:
i tried doesnt work
it says - cannot find host when i try to ping it
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Hi jedistar,

ZoneAlarm has been know to corrupt connection.  You may need to uninstall ZoneAlarm manually. Here are the instructions

he way to get rid of all of Zone Alarm is as follows:

1B. Open the ZoneAlarm Pro program, go to the OVERVIEW >>
PREFERENCES tab, and make sure the Load At Startup box is UNchecked.


4. You should now have no ZoneAlarm/ZoneAlarm Pro processes running
on your system.

5. Now run Start, Programs, Zone Labs, Uninstall. Be sure to say YES
to delete all files, and you MUST allow TrueVector service to shut
down in order to remove files.

WARNING - Do NOT run the ZoneAlarm Uninstall program while in Safe
Mode. The program may not be able to make the proper registry
changes in Safe Mode, thus generating errors after a reboot.


7. To make sure that you can see the ZoneAlarm/ZoneAlarm Pro system
files, if they are still on your computer:

a. Right-click on Start, then left-click on Explore. When the
Windows Explorer panel appears:
- In Windows 95,98,and NT: Click View>Options (in Windows 98, this
will be called "Folder Options"). Click the "View" tab, then click
the "Show all files" radio button.
- In Windows ME, 2000: Click Tools>Folder Options. Click the "View"
tab, then click the "Show hidden files and folders" radio button.

b. Make sure you also UNcheck the box to "Hide Protected Operating
System Files" if you have one.

c. Click OK.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Making modifications to system files may disable
crucial functions of your Windows operating system. We strongly
suggest re-enabling the "Hide files and folders" feature once all
ZoneAlarm/ZoneAlarm Pro files have been removed. See the following
web page, and verify that the files and folders are removed:

8. Click on Start, then Search or Find, and select Files. Make sure
that the location box is set to search your local hard drive
(usually C or All Local Drives.

Type the following exactly - delete any folders found:

"zone labs"
"Internet logs"

Type the following exactly - delete any files found in \Windows or
any subfolder below it, or in your \Temp folder):


Type the following exactly - delete any files found in any folder
with "Programs" in the pathname):

"zonealarm pro"

Type the following exactly - delete any files found in the registry:

Zone Alarm

Some that could be in the registry:


Open the Internet Logs directory (in 95/98/ME this will
be "c:\windows\internet logs", in NT and 2000 it will be
c:\winnt\internet logs, in Windows XP it could be either of these
folders). If you need to keep a copy of old alerts, copy the
ZAlog.txt file to another location first - then delete ALL files in
this folder.

9. Make sure your Recycle Bin is empty (right-click and select



I have this problem happened to me recently on my laptop I end up doing a a system restore to a Day prior to the problem
my apologies for the typo's
check in you hosts file as it changing an ip address to something else is a dsn function and the hosts file is a local dsn function. It would be something like the Y character

host file just search for it on your c drive. If it is not in your hosts file then it may well be a virus. Try Stinger from and see if that can fix it.
this can also help 1) Your browser may still have proxy settings (ZA does NOT use these but some bundled software might)
2) You did not completely and properly uninstall ZA. In that case use our Instant Support (just type "I uninstalled ZA and have no access") or use the direct link below: 

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