Performance issues with Web application vs. Windows Application using Web Services

I am comparing 2 similar applications, one is a windows application using web services the other is a web application. When reading a master file that contains 10,000 records the Web application is 100x faster. Instead of trying to push all 10,000 records through a web service is there a good way to do "Paging" via a web service???
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You may need to supply more context here.  What is in the master file..?  What does the Windows App ask the Web Service to do with it..?  What does the Web App do to achieve the same..?  Are you reading the file line by line and storing it somewhere..?  Please tell us exactly what you are doing..?

lynnadamsAuthor Commented:
The master file is just a SQL database table that contains about 10,000 records.

The web application takes all of the records and places them in a web data grid with paging uisng a select all into a dataset then binding the data set to the web grid.

The windows app uses a web service to do a select all into a data set, passes the dataset back to the windows app and then a databind is used to attach the dataset to a windows datagrid. Because the dataset is so big it take upto 3 minutes to return the full dataset
Okay well you basically have a choice to make.  Is a web service the best method to use to transfer the data..?  If it has to be a web service then you may have to accept that transferring large chunks of data using SOAP over HTTP will create large overheads and slow you down.  I suggest you read the following article to help you decide what to do.  It discusses some excellent points and was written by a developer in your very position.

Let me know what you decide to do...


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