Keyboard lockout on Windows 2003 Server After Period of No Keyboard Activity

After about 20 minutes of inactivity, I am locked out of Windows 2003 Server and have to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to login again. How do I increase the interval and/or remain permanently logged in?
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There are two possibilities:

Maybe you're not logged out but your screen gets locked. You will see a notic then like '<your username> has locked this workstation'.
Solution: right click your desktop, choose 'Properties', tab 'Screen Saver' and alter these settings as desired (longer time or no lock at all).

If you're getting logged out you're connected to this server via RDP remote.
Log on to this server, open 'Terminal Services Configuration' (or run 'tscc.msc'), tab 'Sessions' and change these settings.
Maybe on your server 'Override user settings' is checked and a maximum for 'Active' or 'Idle' session is specified.

You always should consider security issues when unlocking server consoles. Make sure you lock it manually if timeouts are disabled.

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Try this:
- type "gpedit.msc" at command prompt
- open Computer Config\windows settings\security settings\local policies\security options
- choose "Microsoft network server: Amount of idle time required before suspending session"
- modify the time to as long as want

But I recommend to keep the server locked every 10 or 15 minute for security purpose.
nhdigitalAuthor Commented:
Thank you to ithawaii. That's the right answer.
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Yes, thanks to ithawaii. I hadn't come across this policy yet...
But nhdigital, you should contact an EE administrator to reward your points to the correct person, OK?
that's very nice of u, ns_germany. =)
Give credit where credit is due.  ;o)
nhdigitalAuthor Commented:
Have contacted customer service to switch points.
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