forward and reverse lookup zones showing multiple instances of same ip

to start, i just came into this company, after researching their configurations i have noticed there are 6 instances of multiple ip's in my forward and reverse lookup zones, however they are not all the same in the forward and reverse zones, i then checked the leases in dhcp and it shows no duplicate addresses handed out(lease is set at 8 days), i know that 2 machines with same mac address could cause this but can not believe it would be 6, i have also set conflict detection to 1(new change), my scope is set to and i have only about 70 users, i know dhcp will not hand out the same address and i have plenty to spare, i have some users say they lose connectivity at random points in the day, i am sure ip conflict is causing this, thanks in advance for any recommendations,         mike
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Do any of the machines have static ip's set ? It could be causing your intermittent problems. When you say 6 instances of the same ip in dns are they all the same node or all different ones ?

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mmsiAuthor Commented:
no they are all dhcp, i am thinking thay are stale instances left in dns from the pc's being reinstalled which would still have the same mac address

If its stale resource records you can try deleting them from dns and seeing if they are registered again which would indicate that there are machines with the same ip registering with dns. Ive seen some 98 machines that dont release the addresses properly if you change your dhcp servers address but it wouldnt be 6 machines at once. If you are using Win2k or 2ke dns then you can set the scavenging time to be 2 days and to auto scavenge stale records

Hope this helps

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