Expanding network from LAN to WAN: suggestions needed.

I work at a manufacturing company w/ about 30 users using XP pro clients on a Win2k3 server.  We have a DSL connectiion and a Sonic Wall TZ 170 router. My company is going to buy a second facility 100 miles away and wants to know how we are going to incorporate the two networks. I am not sure how to go about this. If I set up site to site VPN will the networks appear as one network? Also i will need a second server at the new site, correct? What do I need to do in Win2k3 to configure all this ( as far as active directory and DNS)?Can someone give me a run down based on this information of a feasible way of going about this?
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Depending on your budget, I'm guessing you don't have the money to afford to run fiber optics between the two sites, so Correct, you will want a VPN between the two sites.  Depending on how you setup your site to site VPN, the two networks will be one.

You may want to make the larger site your primary location given that the majority of users are going to be there.  Depending on the budget, you can put AD servers in both locations.  If so, you may want to setup two different sites, to control replication so it doesn't use up all your bandwidth.  With DNS intergrated, it will be part of your DC's, so that part will be taken care of.
It's really quite simple.

I am in the process of moving from VPN to VPN to a dedicated fiber link between the sites for here.


Two sites, servers at one location, connected via VPN over internet connection.  The flaw with this, is you have a lot of traffic going through one small DSL connection (based on your max upload speed), so for a few users it would be okay.  It will depend on what your users are doing, what speed connection you have.


Two sites, AD servers, and other services as needed in both locations.  More expensive than the first, but will be less likely to run into traffic issues once AD replication between sites is setup correctly.  Will depend on speed of connection, as well as any other traffic going between the two sites.  IE: Exchange, which you may want to use 2003 Client and Server in cached mode.  File Servers, as feasable spread out the lad.

Most Expensive, high speed direct connection.  Most expensive, and depending on the data needs it can be overkill.


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kevotronAuthor Commented:
OK so I can just go with the server I have on this end? That was one of my main questions is would I have to buy a new server. I am just concerned about the performance hit you had mentioned. We will have about 20 users at the second site. My connection speed  is 703.9 Kbps, so I dont know if that will do as a gage of how going with one server will work in this scenario. Furthermore, at the second site I am not sure what kind of connection speed I will have available. That is another problem I have to look into, it is in a semi-rural area. Do you know, with the site to site setup and one server, the users from the second facility will  be able to power up and they can logon to the server at the first site--is it that simple, it is essentially the same network just over a distance, correct?

Without knowing the specs, 20 extra users for auth  and dns, you should be able to handle it.

Connection speed, max upload will be the big hit between the two sites.

It will be the same network, via the VPN.  AD checks against dns for answers to who to auth against, it'll login against a server it taiwan and not care.

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