Local domain server naming convention

Is there a convention for naming a local server. I am preparing to set up a dell poweredge 4400 on windows 2003 server and i'm trying to decide what to name it. For example, if our company web site is www.arkengineering.net, then our remote domain name is arkengineering.net. Should i call the local server ark.local or arkengineering.local.
If I expect to host the company web site on this server at some point in the distant future, will I have to change the name? Any other original suggestions or innovative ideas would be appreciated.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I would suggest naming it whatever you want.local.  When you are ready to host the site, all you need to do is setup DNS and possibly host header info on your web server.

By naming it .local, you avoid any possible problems accessing servers named the same thing on your hosted domain

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I agree with Leew.  It is best to name your internal windows domain something different compared to you registered Internet domain name.  Some people make the mistake of naming these the same, and then run into many DNS problems.  Microsoft recommends that you keep these names different.

Using the ".local" is a very good idea because there are no Internet registrated domain names that use .local

You will not have any problems if you decide later to host a web site or an e-mail server if you choose something.local.  This is a very good practice.
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