Loop trough records and diplay them in one msgbox

I am looping through records in a table. Then I would like to display the records in one msgBox. I am not sure how to this.
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If this is an ADO recordset, then you don't even need a loop.
msgbox rs.getstring

otherwise you can
while not rs.eof
tmp=tmp & rs(0) & " " & rs(1) & vbcrlf  '  add more & " " & rs(...) if needed
rs.move next
msgbox tmp

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typo: it should be
jm1576Author Commented:
I think that I did not make my question clear enough.

The code that you have wrote works, but I need it set the value for each record and display the field after it has finished looping. For example.

SqlStmt = Select * from table WHere Date = Date

Do while not Rs.Eof
'Once the loop has finished then.....

MsgBox 'This will display all records from the Recordset.(in my case it will be one field per record.

I hope this makes sense
dim msg as string
Do while not Rs.Eof
   msg = msg & RS("ID") & vbcrlf
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