Network Design

Why is it useful to have both a logical design and a physical design of a network?
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Hi anne4moore,
logical design just deals with how the information will flow, not the infrastructure.
a logical design can have MANY different physical implementations and knowing how you want your network to work before you start building it is very important and can keep help prevent problems and make troubleshooting them easier.

a physical design includes the everything from the actual routers/switches to the cabling. if you have heard the old addage measure twice, cut once, you can understand how planning your network before you start building is important.


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Because one must support the other.  Take for example a network where you have PVST+ running on a cisco environment, where you create a fully redundant layer 2 core with the root vlans for half your network on one switch and half on the other.  In order to them optimize layer three you must match up layer 3 HSRP priorities with layer 2 roots to make efficent use of your layer two.  Also, knowing what you want to accomplish logically will impact what you do physically and where you put your links.
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