How do I get remote monitor to display?

I have a Gateway profile 4 (all in one unit) with a black screen. (no display). I have attached a remote monitor and get no signal. Is there a toggle to get the remote monitor to display?
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There is probably something else than the monitor not working. If you can, open up the PC, and remove everything exeternal from the mainboard, then check if it works. do the drives power up? Do the Fans run? Try it with another powersupply, reseat the RAM, remove the CPU Heatsink, clean the surface of both, the CPU and the heatsink, then apply just an idea of thermal transfer paste, and put the heatsink back on firmly. If possible, try using another video card (if the board has slots where you can attach one).
lamerhooDJVAuthor Commented:
I should have said that the system boots from a floppy and exhibits all of the normal activities of a diskette boot except for nothing on the screen.
Then probably the video card isn't working, and as this is probably integrated on the mainboard, try inserting a video card.
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Also check with gateway for warranty repairs.
lamerhooDJVAuthor Commented:
Okay, Let's rehash the facts. I have checked with Gateway and the machine is out of warranty.
This is an "all in one" machine with everything integrated into the display housing.
There are no card slots of any kind!
you can view the user guide (with pictures) at 
The monitor is dark.
There is an external monitor jack but when I plug a working monitor into this it does not display anything either. This would imply that the video driver is at fault, but it is integrated into the mainboard.
WHen I start the machine, it appears to go through POST and and then there is access to the hard drive. But nothing on the screen.
I need some suggestions on how to troubleshoot this or should the whole thing just go into the garbage?
There isn't much you can do if there is no slot you can add a pci video card to. Except maybe check the manual and set the OSD settings of your monitor as described in the manual under troubleshooting. When you connect an external monitor ther may be an option to switch to that monitor via a keboard hotkey, like on a lot of laptops. You could look for such a key combination, like Fn+F8 or something similar. If nothing like that works there isn't much you can do, except get it repaired (motherboard replaced) by gateway, which may cost almost as much as a new PC...
You don't have to throw it in the garbage, as there are still some things that can be scavenged, like HD, optical drive, display etc. Maybe you can get a good price on ebay.

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lamerhooDJVAuthor Commented:
I would like to close this question but feel that the responses were of no help at all. I already knew or tried everything that was suggested.
lamerhooDJVAuthor Commented:
Rindi -- You needed these points like I needed a hole in the head :)

Thanks, you could have asked in support for a delete...

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