PIX 501 as Email Proxy ?

I know you can use Cisco PIX firewalls as email proxy servers (so that they store and forward email to the internal exchange server, so that it is not necessary to leave email ports wide open)  

Does anyone have experience with this, or documentaion that shows this type of configuration setup ?  Thanks.
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Nope.  Sorry but a PIX can't act as any sort of proxy.  What you could do, though, is use a Windows 2000/2003 (even the web edition would do) box with IIS and the SMTP server installed and use it as a proxy to your Exchange box.

If you don't get a very high volume of email you could even use the SMTP service of Windows XP to do the same thing.

Or, if cost is a factor and purchasing a even a Windows 2003 web edition license (or using Windows XP) is out of the question you could turn to Linux;  I've used Sendmail as a proxy in the past.

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>I know you can use Cisco PIX firewalls as email proxy servers
No you can't. Never could.
That's why there is no documentaion to show this type setup.

Sorry. Wish I had better news for you.
TheTullAuthor Commented:
Well i guess i must of heard wrong then, well then can any of you provide me with some good documentation on creating a linux or other cheap proxy server that I can just stick in a DMZ?
I would highly recomend mailscanner. It will forward the email on for you and in addition scan it with a free virus scanner and perform spam filtering if you wish aswell.

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