PayPal Question - How to recheck the status of a pending order?


I am storing the transaction ID of a pending order and want to recheck the status of it from my website.

Does anybody know how to resubmit the transaction ID to PayPal inorder to find out the current status of that order?

Thanks in advance,
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try the script on this url:

it allows you to pass variables to paypal and get a response....

check out the other resources on for more info..

hope that helps
prsupriyaAuthor Commented:

The above URL you gave checks to see whether the transaction id is duplicated or not. What I want is, I am actullay storing all the pending orders with the transaction id retuned and want to recheck to see whether the status has changed to "Completed". If yes.... then only ship the items.


see the above demo url, and look in the comments for the code:
// check the payment_status is Completed

from the url:
"When you receive a VERIFIED response, you need to perform several checks before fulfilling the order (an INVALID response should be treated as suspicious and investigated)
After successfully completing the checks, you can update your database and process the purchase."

VERIFIED response from that code indidcates that the payment_status is completed...


you can download their sdk in php..

in their examples,  using their code base:


require_once './request_base.php';

$d =& Services_PayPal::getType('GetTransactionDetailsRequestType');

$response = $caller->GetTransactionDetails($d);

looks pretty straightforward to me

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prsupriyaAuthor Commented:
Thanks! bendalton. I will try the above code and see.

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