Intermittent connection Catalyst 4006

I have a device connected to a Catalyst 4006. When i set the port to vlan 60 the connection is fine and never is intermittent. Although, when i change the port to vlan 100, the device loses connection after 6-7 minutes. It loses the connection then establishes connection every 6-7 minutes. Any suggestions why?

Connection is stable on vlan 60, intermittent on vlan 100


interface Vlan60
 description 3rd Floor net
 ip address secondary
 ip address
 no ip redirects
 no ip unreachables
 ip nat inside
 ip pim sparse-mode
 appletalk cable-range 11030-11035 11034.17
 appletalk zone PMH - 3rd Floor
 ipx input-sap-filter 1024
 ipx network A99030
 standby 60 ip
 standby 60 ip secondary
 standby 60 timers 1 3
 standby 60 priority 10
 standby 60 preempt delay minimum 125

interface Vlan100
 description 7th Floor net
 ip address secondary
 ip address
 ip access-group 100 in
 no ip redirects
 no ip unreachables
 ip nat inside
 ip pim sparse-mode
 appletalk cable-range 11070-11075 11073.74
 appletalk zone PMH - 7th Floor
 ipx input-sap-filter 1012
 ipx network A99070
 ipx output-sap-filter 1027
 no ipx pad-process-switched-packets
 standby 100 ip
 standby 100 ip secondary
 standby 100 timers 1 3
 standby 100 priority 10
 standby 100 preempt delay minimum 125
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what does your log say?  Any indication of spanning tree issues?
Vlan 100 has an access-list applied, but VLAN 60 does not

interface Vlan100
 ip access-group 100 in  <===
 no ip redirects

>the device loses connection after 6-7 minutes
What, exactly is it connecting to, and using what port/protocol?
djsuperzAuthor Commented:
Its connected to a device called Gold Box Multi protocol print server. Its pretty ancient, it only runs on 10/h. It connects to an embosser printer we use to print out ID cards.

Will an access-list cause intermittent connectivity?

I do not see any spantree issues, although i see these errors:

--More--2005 Jul 08 05:41:06 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Astro 2-3(2/13-20) - management r
equest timed out.
2005 Jul 08 05:41:38 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Astro 2-3(2/13-20) - management request t
imed out.
2005 Jul 08 05:44:15 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Astro 2-3(2/13-20) - management request t
imed out.
2005 Jul 08 05:44:15 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Blocked queue on gigaport 15, ( 0 : 4981
2005 Jul 08 05:44:15 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Blocked queue (rx) on ports 2/19 2/20 2/1
7 2/18 2/16 2/15 2/13 2/14
2005 Jul 08 05:46:18 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Astro 2-3(2/13-20) - management request t
imed out.
2005 Jul 08 05:46:18 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Blocked queue on gigaport 15, ( 0 : 4982
2005 Jul 08 05:46:18 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Blocked queue (rx) on ports 2/19 2/20 2/1
7 2/18 2/16 2/15 2/13 2/14
2005 Jul 08 05:48:20 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Astro 2-3(2/13-20) - management request t
imed out.

Any suggestions?
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interesting, whats on ports 2/13-20?  Anything?  Whats on 2/19 2/20 2/1
7 2/18 2/16 2/15 2/13 2/14?

What port is the printer connected to?

Do you have a RED supervisor LED?  any Port LED's flashing?

post the output of show nvramenv 1 or show env 1 here

When you show that a few times...  does the invaildpktbuffercrc count increment rapidly?

Can we shutdown gigaport 15 to test?

how many free slots do you have on the 4006?
djsuperzAuthor Commented:
The printer is not connected to that blade, its on 6/22. Nothing is connected to ports 2/13-20 and i have no more free slots.

> (enable) show nvramenv 1

PS1="rommon ! >"

How would i shut down gigaport 15?
ok what about slot 3... what does it look like...  What CatOS are you using?  I forget does the 4006 start numbering on slot 0, or slot 1?
djsuperzAuthor Commented:
It starts with 1 and i'm using 8.4.6
Slot three is fine, all devices on that blade are working.
ok post the config for the port 6/22

As far as your log entries...  check out this document:

These log entries may not be related to your problem on 6/22 however they are a cause for concern if they indicate a faulty supervisor or line card.

I would be very interested in any log entries for 6/22.

Also, you say it's a multi protocol print server..  is this being reconfigured for the new net when you move it?  It may need to have a new IPX/appletalk/IP config applied to it.  can you print to it when you first move it and then it goes away, or does it go away without being able to print to it?
djsuperzAuthor Commented:
all that i changed was the IP and vlan. how would i get log entries for 6/22?
if you are not syslogging, well then histroical data is gone.  recreate this problem, but this time be conneccted to the switch and do a term mon to log the messages to a log file.  then search for 6/22.

What I hear you saying is that you changed the vlan on the switch and the IP on the print server..  you didn't modify the appletalk or IPX settings.

When you say it loses connection, is it because the port goes into disable, or does the device stop responding?
djsuperzAuthor Commented:
the device stops responding. I'll do a steady ping -t then after about 7 minutes the printer cant be reached.
hmm...  if you are certain the port isn't getting dropped.  (do the capture log technicque above)  what about we check the arp cache on the router and see if you have a duplicate IP address when you move the print server over to the other segment.

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