Power Requirements of the IBM Thinkpad Docking Station

Hello all,

I have been using a IBM T22 laptop with the IBM ThinkPad Docking station, IBM part number 2631-10U in my car to provide the connectivity and power for my carputer.  I am powering this off of a 140Watt power inverter.  This works just fine, but when I added in a new XM radio receiver that draws an additional 12W, I get an indicator that I am pulling over the peak watts ont he inverter.

My question is since the original T22 shipped with a 72W power inverter, I figure the docking station would use close this plus a little more to power the extra bays and the PCI slot (which I am not using.)

Does any one have a good reference or idea what the actual power usage in Watts is for this docking station. I searched high and low with google and on IBM's support site, but nothing is there.  It just states the general input power requirements of 110/220v.

Thanks in advance.

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I have a power adapter for the IBM T23 notebook, and it says input requirements are 100-240v, 1.5-0.9amps.  This means at 120v, it can draw anywhere from 108watts to 180watts.

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dsilesAuthor Commented:

I am sorry about the e-mail transgression.. won't let it happen again :0)  I am just very use to signing my posts with an e-mail address as well on many forums.  Noted for the future.

I like your comment as well and will accept that as a good explanation.  Thanks!
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