Deleted item keeps coming back

I have a user that is having an issue where they had a re-occuring calendar item that they have deleted. This item goes to the deleted items folder but after emptying the  deleted items folder it returns about fifteen minutes later. Every fifteen or so minutes it come back again and again. I have run a virus and spyware scan on the server as well as the clients machine. Everything come back clean. The user is remote and I did not want to have to export everything they have since it is a large mailbox. Any thoughts will be apprectiated.

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Have you tried deleting it through OWA?

My other stock question would be does it follow the user to another machine?
That will indicate whether the problem is account, machine or server related.

bcooper107Author Commented:
Yes, I have been deleting it through OWA and the Outlook client but that does not seem to make a difference. I have not tried it on another machine but I will try that ASAP.

bcooper107Author Commented:
Update:  I've tried this on another machine now - the deleted calendar items were still there.  I deleted them from the other machine and it still came back a few days later.  There seems to be no reason or interval for when the item reappears, and it will come back multiple times (over 200 at one point).

Any ideas?
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Does the user have something else that connects to his Outlook?
PDA, Blackberry etc?

Or does the user have another machine elsewhere that synchronises to the mailbox?

bcooper107Author Commented:
Actually, yes..  I just found out that he does indeed have a PDA syncing with his Exchange.  Other than making sure he deletes the item from both his Outlook and PDA, what ideas does this bring forth?

Also, I've just "restored" one of the calendar items back to his calendar, removed the recurrence it had, and saved it.  It's back in May anyway, so the "live" object shouldn't bug him.  Not sure if it will work yet, but I figure it's worth a shot.

I would look at the PDA sync settings. What might be happening is that the software is seeing the record has disappeared and is putting it back. You haven't said what PDA it is, but make sure that the latest version is being used. Both ActiveSync (Windows Mobile) and Hotsync (Palm) are updated regularly.

bcooper107Author Commented:
It looks like the problem has been fixed by what I did on the 20th (restored item and removed recurrence).  

For the record, the PDA is a Windows Mobile device and the settings were set for taking changes from exchange, and not the PDA device.  

Thanks very much for your help!

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