Getting Dell tapedrive to work properely.

I have a Dell Poweredge 2800 with a DAT 72 tapedrive in it. It is running Tapeware ver7.0 and runs okay for a couple of days then errors out.  The tapeware log says that device has timed out.  If I stop the service and restart, it works fine again for only a couple of days.  It is running Netware 6.5 and I am wondering if the driver is incorrect, and if so how do I change to the correct driver.  The entire Novell LAN is running fine, not slow so I don't know why it is timing out.  Also the tapedrive appears to be causing system ABENDS and reboots when it fails.  Help!!!!!!
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What is the drive attached to - is it on a separate SCSI controller from your disk system?  

What is the SP of your NetWare server?  Current for 6.5 is SP3, and there have been several post-SP3 patches released.  Device support generally improves with each SP.

If you can give us more details on the errors and abends, that would help too.
goedenAuthor Commented:

I am fairly new to Novell and our Novell tech recently died, so I don't know too much about it.  You'll have to use small words and speak slowly with me.  

It has an embedded RAID(ROMB) PERC4ei(embedded integrated), with a powervault 100T, DAT72, internal TBU, with controller. I do not now the service pack but the

Server was ordered and installed about 2 months ago so should be up to date on SP's.  How can I check which service pack it's on?

The Abend happens after the tapedrive fails to backup and it causes the system to reboot so I've only seen the error once when I forced a backup.  I did not see any pertinent info from it.  Is their a way to check an error log after reboot?

Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.
At the server console prompt (it usually has the server name followed by a colon) type "version" and hit Enter.  It will tell you the version and SP.
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goedenAuthor Commented:

When I did that it gave me the version but I did not see the sp#.
It should have the version on the 1st line and "Support Pack Revision nn" on the 2nd line, followed by DS/eDirectory info and licensing info.  Like on mine, I get:

Novell NetWare 6
Support Pack Revision 05
(C) Copyright 1983-2003 Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending.
Novell eDirectory Version SMP
NDS version 10551.29 August 24, 2004
Server License: blah
User Licenses: blah
Right, NetWare 6 SP5 then.
In NetWare the device drivers are .HAM with .CDM as the device module.  Replacement of them is easy as they behave just like NLMs (i.e.: unload <device_driver_name>.ham)
If tapeware says it can't connect to the driver, one of three things are happing:
1) NWPA (NetWare Peripherial Architecture) is corrupt and needs to be replaced.  This is a NLM, but has several other modules.  Reapoply the support pack.
2) The tape drive driver or HBA (host based adapter - a.k.a. SCSI controller) drivers are corrupt, download new ones and install.
3) There is a hardware error.  So maybe the tape drive or SCSI controller is broken?  Check your I/O, IRQ, DMA ports in use and ensure nothing is shared.  Check your SCSI cabling, replace cables if necessary.  Check the SCSI termination, ensure the chain is properly terminated.

Best of luck
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goedenAuthor Commented:

when I type version at console I get:

Novell Netware 6.5
Server Version 5.70 Oct 9 2003
Novell Edirectory  version 8.7.1 smp
NDS Version 10510.64 July 11 2003

Also I get this when I try to unload tapeware:

Server 5.70 2713 [nmID=D003]
Module did not release 1 resource
Module : tapeware Netware agent
Resource: Threads
Description : Processes

I have also gotten

Server -5.70-4 [nmID=1001B]
Warning! Server has experienced a critical error and is going down in two minutes.

I have this network running strictly on tcp/ip, where the old server was running on tcp/ip and ipx.  Could this be causing the tape drive to drop out? Should I set up the ipx protocol?  If I understand correctly ipx is obsolete and too chatty of a protocol.

Thanks for your help
You have an unpatched NetWare 6.5 server there, from what I can tell.  That's probably your problem.  As a NetWare noob, you don't want to tackle that yourself, though.

If you aren't about to hire a replacement for your NetWare admin any minute now, you should hire a consultant/contract techie to apply NW65SP3 and update your eDirectory to (or whatever is current), not necessarily in that order, and possibly other updates/patches as well.  If they're worth their fee, they'll know what needs to be done and how to do it, and should be able to get it done in a matter of a few hours, tops.  It will require some downtime, so if you can't have the server unavailable during normal business hours you'll have to pay their off-hours premium rate, more than likely...

A backup should be done before they do it (actually, 2 *verified* backups would be best-practices) but you shouldn't have to pay them to babysit the backups.

You shouldn't have to install IPX, unless tapeware is running across the LAN (backing up one server from/to another server) and needs IPX to do it.  I don't know that tapeware is that sophisticated to begin with, to handle backup across the LAN.
goedenAuthor Commented:

I loaded the service packs myself and this seemed to fix the abend problem, but I am still getting a device time-out error and end of data error.  The strange part is that the backups are working about two out of three days before errors, then works again for a day or two then another error.  I am currently keeping track of tapes, one set seems to fail more often???  Also the documentation indicates that it can and does remotely backup on a LAN.  As a matter of fact I have it running this way on a couple of other sites.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How about the tapes?  Usually when I get an error on a DAT tape backup, that tape gets retensioned - and I put a mark on it so I remember that it has had errors and has been retensioned.  

If I get an error again on the same tape, it gets retired.

That's one thing about DAT - they just don't last.  Too much stress from the helical-scan head and the inevitable shoeshining.  If you want a solution where the tapes can be used hundreds or thousands of times without problem go linear - DLT or LTO.

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