Suggestion for Apache / .htaccess Configuration

I have an internal apache web server for my company which I've been asked to setup a free/busy site on.  The web server is already setup for other applications so I basically want to do the following without disturbing the site configuration too much;

Add a freebusy folder under the web root (done)
Open the folder for read/write abilities.  As in a web folder. No username/password prompt, anyone can drop data on it to post their calendar.

Security is not an issue for this folder because we want others to be able to read the calendars and it's an internal server only.  I just want it open.  I've messed around with the .htaccess file for the folder without any resolve.  Seems I can lock it up tight but can't open it up completely.

Could be my lack of apache experience or the fact I've never setup a free/busy server.  Maybe a topic for another channel? I don't know.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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wanabiAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the lack of info, I was in a rush.

It's Fedora Core 2 running apache web.

Hi Wanabi,
Can you clarify the requirement please? Do you want a folder on the webserver with read/write access to everyone? And you want them to be able to just drop the data in it? I presume all of them are windows machines? If yes, then you are looking for a capability similar to Webfolders that come with IIS based setup, is that true? Webfolders work on WebDAV.  Perhaps you can setup a FTP server and have anonymous read/write access to it. On the client side you can setup the FTP connection using the built-in explorer FTP interface.
wanabiAuthor Commented:

I'm open to ideas but if I had to define some requirements it would be as follows;

Apache/Linux server
HTTP (We want to stay away from FTP but will use it if needed)
R/W Access to anyone on a single folder being http://server/freebusy

The free/busy feature simply puts a file on the URL and then searches all files in the same URL for other users calendar information.  So really, the only requirement is full Read/Write for anyone.
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Write acces via HTTP is only possible if you install the apache-webdav module and then enable webdav for that directory. You will also need a webdav client like the webfolder on Windows. Else you can create a small page where the user can upload the file via a HTML-form. E.g. See how something like that would be done via php

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Thanks Wanabi for the clarified requirements. As I posted earlier, if you need the facility like the webfolders, you need a WebDAV functionality with Apache. And as hernst42 pointed out aptly, you need Apache's mod_webdav. See this article from serverwatch that details on how to enable WebDAV functionality in Apache.
Let me know if you need any further instructions with regards to setup/configure on the server/client. I am sure you have worked with WebDAV based applications before.
Also of your interest might be this link about CalDAV (Calendar sharing using WebDAV). Even though there are no products in the market that I know of that have implemented this, but if you read the draft of the specification, you will be surprised as to how this specification matches your needs. :)

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