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Hi All,

I have 2003 Enterprise with 25 CALS.  I was asked the question, does 2003 Enterprise authenticate (through Microsoft) only the server activation key or each computer that is attached to the server?

Also, let us say that I have 25 machines hooked up to the server, I hook up 26.  Does MS ding you with a message saying you need to buy more licenses?

I know 2k just let you blow through them like it was nothing but I'm not sure about 2k3.

Lastly, anyone know of someone, anyone that can install 2k or 2k3.  A website, friend?  We're in southern california.  I'm not sure if it's appropriate to talk about work here, so I'm not going to get into depth with this or anything.  Let me know, thx!
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That depends on the type of licensing you chose during setup, and the type of CALs.
You can have your licensing run in "Per Server" or "Per User or Per Device" (former "Per Seat").
The former will allow as many connections to a server as the server has licenses installed. If you have more than one server, this would become quite expensive pretty quick. So usually, in a domain, you use "Per Seat" licensing. This will require a CAL for each account accessing any server in the domain.
If the License Logging Service is running, then, yes, it will "ding" you with a message. It's not running by default in W2k3 anymore, and you can basically turn it off if it is running. Note that this does *not* relieve you from having to aquire enough licenses to fulfill the EULA.

Description of the License Logging Service in Windows Server Operating Systems

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gijewAuthor Commented:
Works for me, thx for the prompt reply.
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